Crusin' the Bahamas

You may have been wondering where I have been.
Hubby and I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas.
It was a wonderful time.
We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.
I'm going to share some of the highlights.
Here's us freezing in Baltimore, MD.
That's the cruise ship behind us!!

Here's a few pictures of the ship.
I didn't realize they use ocean water to fill the pools.
Hubby would have loved to play chess...
I really don't know/like to play.
The inside was pretty "opulent"...
The elevators were cool!
I didn't realize how chilly it was going to be.
I wish I would have packed a few more warmer clothes.
The second day of our cruise it was pretty rocky out there.  
I think everybody was getting a bit sea sick.
50+ winds will do that. Hubby did better than I did.
There were a lot of white caps out there.
Wednesday, we docked in Cape Canaveral.
It was a beautiful day there.  We stayed on the boat and lounged by the pool and played some mini golf.  I actually won! That never happens!!
Loved the warm weather.

On the ship there were two "elegant" nights we got some pics taken of us.
The one, top right, we were cracking up because we were so close to each other it was all a blur. (We both wear reading glasses.)

Now here comes the fun... Bahamas!
Docking into Nassau.
Hubby had to feed the birds.  :)
Typical tourist photo!
On our way to parasailing!!
Boat Captain and all the cruise ships in dock, I thought that was cool.
Parasailing was amazing!
The take off and landing was so smooth.
You felt like you were truly flying and it was so quiet. 
The view was breathtaking!!
Yep! That's us up there! Very cool!
We had the most time to spend in Nassau, so we went back to the ship to change. Then we headed back out see the town and collect a few souvenirs. 

It's a tight squeeze in the streets...
We thought that conch serving dish was soo cool! 
It's going to be my new salsa dish!

Leaving Nassau and heading to Freeport.

Good morning, Freeport! 
We only had about 4 1/2 hours here and we are going snorkeling!
This is a panoramic shot of the harbor.
Freeport is more industry than Nassau.

We took a bus to the other side of the island.
The "Seaduction" is the boat we took for our snorkeling adventure.
I have to admit, I was a tad bit nervous about snorkeling.  
This was hubby's idea, so was the parasailing.  
Is it too hard to figure out whose the more adventurous one? 
Yes, I did this!  I snorkeled!
I'm going to share with you how this little trip rocked my world.
As I told you earlier I was nervous. I'm cold for one, and the water isn't much warmer. I'm in the middle of the ocean, wearing these huge flippers and a mask and snorkel.  I wish I had a picture, but then maybe not.
I get in the water and immediately I start hyperventilating. This is not a good start. Hubby gets in and swims to me.  I don't think I can do this.  I'm swimming so hard but going nowhere. I grab onto hubby like he's a life preserver. I believe I'm having a panic attack.  I can't touch bottom, the boat seems like it's moving farther and farther away. I am scared!
Thank God, for my wonderful husband.
He tells me to look at him and to calm down, just float, you are fine.
I keep telling him, I don't know if I can do this!
So, I start floating on my back and he just keeps talking to me, 
while I've got a death grip on him.
I calmed down long enough that I wanted to put my mask on. Once I did that and put the snorkel in my mouth, I could hear myself breathing and immediately I calmed down completely. Thank you, Lord!
Yes! I can do this. So, we started swimming to the reef, hand in hand.  
There was no way I was letting go of him! 
The reef was spectacular... breathtaking.
There were so many tropical fish, coral and sea fans. I actually enjoyed it, and stayed out there for about 30 min. I just got too cold.  Hubs stayed out there for another 20 min or so.  I couldn't have done it without him!
I have to say I've never had a panic attack and I never want to have one again.  I do like being in control and there, in that moment, 
everything seemed out of my control. 
It made me realize how much I love, need and trust my sweet husband! God is so good!

Would I snorkel again? Yes, only if it's A LOT warmer!

It was a quick day in Freeport and on our way back to Baltimore.

Most days on the ship we just hung out, or we did trivia games the ship hosted, worked out in the gym, and spent time in the hot tubs. In the evenings, we listened to singers in some of the lounges, went to family friendly comedy shows and saw all the wonderful musical shows.
Ate TONS of food!  Probably gained 5-10 lbs.
It was a really great week.
So, that's were I've been.
Vacations are funny, so excited to go.
Yet in the end, glad to be home.



  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! I've never been on a cruise, I'd love to. Most the west coast ones go to Mexico, but I have heard the Alaska one is amazing. I want to see those glaciers before they melt! :D Happy Anniversary :D

    1. Thanks! We sure did! I've heard the same thing about the Alaska one. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Sound like you had a great time. And, that you have a wonderful husband! Very nice pics.

    1. We had a great time! I'm very blessed! Thanks so much for stopping by!! :D


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