I was so incredibly excited to share with you all
 about my drab to fab bench
 and new bench cushion, that I made!
…. I took the time to take a bajillion pics and
when I put the SD card in my Mac they were NO WHERE to be found!

So, here’s what happened…..
My son had asked me to “document” him and his friend building their new computers, which was quite interesting and entertaining. 
It was a lot of fun playing photographer! 
I had pics of them putting their CPU’s in
and their ram on the motherboard then putting all of it together. 
I have to say they built some massive computer beasts!!

This one is my son's and the one in the background is his friends. 

When I went to download those pics is when I realized that
ALL of my previous pics were GONE!  POOF!
I mean it’s a 2GB SD card, there should have been PLENTY of room on it.

Well, half of their pics were GONE as well.  So FRUSTRATED!!!
Are you getting that by all of the CAPS?? UGH! 
So, here we are no pics…. gone like the wind….

I’ve been grumpy all morning…. I must move on… So here is my frustrated post and then I’m going on a walk.
 I pray I will be calmer and ready to deal with today.
Maybe later tonight or tomorrow I’ll be able to salvage a post with my new love….  That would be my drab to fab bench and new bench cushion.
Which by the way looks INCREDIBLE!!!


  1. awwwww that's so mean Mr. Computer! I can feel your broken heart! :( I hope you get over it soon. I always copy pictures to my laptop from camera and delete next time when I copy the next project and i'm done writing about the previous. I hope that helps, or use USB drive to keep backup of precious stuff always!

    1. Thanks, Hani!! I appreciate you feeling my pain... :D


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