Haven 2012 Recap: Setting My Priorities Straight

I just want to say WOW!
What an awesome weekend!
Rhoda from Southern Hospitality 
and her team did a fantastic job putting this conference together!

The workshops were so informative.
The sponsors were wonderful.
But the best thing was meeting so many AMAZING women!
I just have to give a shout out to my favorite peeps!!

These girls made the weekend the best!

{Me, Sallie, Janis, Caroline, Kerry, Gayle}

Haven 2012
Sorry some of the pics are going to be blurry...
Well, they were taken with my iphone!

At first to be honest with you, I was scared to death! 
My face started breaking out from all of the stress… Ugh!
Meeting new people and I’ve got zits like a teenager…. great!
Oh, well.  I just gotta be me…. that includes the good, the bad and the ugly.

We had a meet and greet the first night and I was completely overwhelmed!
So many people and they all seemed to know each other!  
Thank God, Janis and I had already kinda known each other via email before hand.  I would have definitely been a wallflower!
{Me and Janis}
Once the ice was broken, it was sink or swim.
If you know me, I would be the swimmer 
(not literally, I’m more of the hot tub kind)
… no sinking here!

One of the main points I took from this conference was setting priorities.
There are so many things DEMANDING your time!
What is really important?
Well, for me it’s my family, that’s probably why I haven’t even looked at anything from the conference until today.
When your daughter says, “hey, mom, wanna watch a movie?”
What do you think I’m going to say? “Not now, Sweetie, I really want to go over the tons of business cards I got and the hundreds of pages of notes I took at that super duper awesome conference I went to.”  NOT!!
We fell asleep watching GI Joe!
Better, right?

I remember one of my favorite mega bloggers
 saying at the conference that she is a mom first.
I was thinking about that and I want to be a wife first,
 then a mom, then a blogger.
I keep remembering that life is short and people are what matters most!

Ok, ok...back to the conference and the awesome things I learned…

There were a ton of workshops to choose from, 
here are the titles of the ones I attended:
DIY Blog Design
I Like Big Blogs
Design Studio
Blogging PR
Basic Photograph/Photo Styling
All About Advertising

Sounds cool, right?
They WERE!!
I learned so much stuff.  There were a few that impacted me the most.

I think what I learned in Design Studio is going to help me the A LOT.
I have always struggled with what my own style is.
One minute I like this… then the next day I like that.
More of the ADHD coming out...
  This workshop really taught me some skills to focus and find the similarities in what I like. 
So, I’m going to have to go back to school and really study myself. Ha!
No, seriously, I want to truly learn what inspires me and makes me feel at home.
I want my home to feel calm yet, fun and quirky,
definitely not boring, but homey.
To me that sounds a bit out there, all over the place…. 
But, I’m going to make it work.

Also, in that class I learned about mixing fabrics.
That has always stumped me, but now I know the formula!!
I’ll probably do a post on it because I need pillows and such in my office!
Still working on that office… remember all the updates…. here, here, and here.

There was so much in the advertising and the big blogs workshop, that my head is still rattling around like a baby rattle… or maybe like a pinball machine.
Who knows, all I know is I took a bajillion notes.

I really liked the photography one; I’m such a newbie when it comes to the camera…
Any good pics are by pure luck and chance.
But now I know what ISO is and Aperture, and shutter speed and how they actually work together!
Now I just need a new camera… Honey, (batting my eyelashes)…???

When looking at all the things I learned at Haven,
how do I even know where to begin?
Back to priorities….

I want my blog to always represent me. 
My style, my life, my home.
Will there be changes? Oh, sure.
You might notice a few things here and there.
But I’m going to stay true to me. 
I don’t want to get caught up in trying to make my blog a mega blog.
There’s a lot of hype out there.

I am going to say that blogging has been one of the most enjoyable things I’ve started doing!  All of you are such an encouragement!
I really love sharing and inspiring you as well!

I know this one was a L O N G wordy post,(which are not my favorite) but there was soooo much to say and I feel like I jumped all over the place!
Sorry, if I lost you here and there....

So, the big question.....
Am I going back to Haven next year?
You bet!  Lord willing!!
I gotta see my girls!
Here’s a few pics to end with!
Young House Love ~ so cute!
Love these girls! Me, Janis, Leslie, and Sallie

{Rode in the back~Don't tell!}

{Free Stuff}

{Out to dinner~ Sallie, Eliesa, Me, Janis, Kerry, & Sara}

Thanks for reading and talk to ya soon!


  1. I LOVE YOU! That shot of you in the back of the car makes me giggle! Our dinner group ROCKED! I am so grateful that we all joined forces!
    See you next year!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

    1. Kerry!! Missing you all! We did totally ROCK! and roll.... especially with the mariachis!! This year is going to fly by and we'll be gearing up for Haven2013!

  2. This is a really great wrap-up! I should definitely pick your brain about the design studio class! I need help with picking a style and also mixing fabrics! I can't wait until next year to figure it out! Meeting you and the rest of our Mamas was my favorite part of the conference. So happy to have walked away with new friends :) xoxo

    1. This was one of the best things that has happened to my since I started blogging. I feel so much more connected and inspired! I'm not alone anymore!! :)

  3. So happy to hear that it was a successful trip for you! Sounds like a wonderful time!

  4. YOU ARE SOOOOO PRECIOUS! I love your recap...and I was right there with ya, scaaarrrrred!
    So thankful we found each other and you are even more adorable in person! Our group of Mamas made the whole thing for me!!! I keep saying this...but my heart is so full!!! I miss your beautiful smile and sweet spirit already! I don't want to wait another year....
    Love you to pieces!!
    <3 Janis

    1. Ok! Don't make me cry!!! Was God awesome or what?! He put all of us together! This has made my year!! Thank YOU, Janis!
      Love ya!

  5. Yay! Just think--next year we will know each other and we can make plans ahead of time!

    1. That's right! This is soooo much fun!! I'm so glad I met you!

  6. Lori, I was just as nervous! I was trying to look like I knew what I was doing, but I don't think I fooled anyone! I'm so glad I met you and the rest of the Mamas. I feel blessed to have made so many new friends. I can't wait to see you again!

    1. Hi Sallie! I am so glad that I wasn't the only one feeling that way! I feel so blessed too! This year is going to fly by! And we'll be doing this again!

  7. How fun! I wish I could have gone and learned all those great things. It sounds like it was worth it, plus the bonus of meeting other mommy bloggers and building friendships! Maybe next year???? I'll be the one shaking in the corner..hehehe
    Blessings to you, Lori.

    1. Lisa, you would have loved it!! It was definitely worth it!

  8. Hi, Lori, Thanks for leaving such a great comment, I have loved reading all the comments & posts. Haven was a huge success & we are so glad everyone had a great time. That was our goal, to make everyone feel comfortable & we loved watching everyone bounce around having so much fun. We hope to do it up even bigger next year!! I really want to have more time to hang out with all of you more too.

    1. Thanks, Rhoda! I appreciate all you did! Can't wait for next year!

  9. Just going through my haven business cards! It was nice to meet you at Haven!!

    I'm enjoying looking around your blog!


    1. Hi Jen! It was great meeting you too! I haven't really gone through anything yet... I've got so much going on at home, but soon! I did stop in at your adorable blog! I loved it!

  10. Hi Lori! I loved reading your post about Haven! Thanks so much for the great re-cap. I saw your cute face on the thumbnail over at the link party at "Southern Hospitality" and just HAD to come over to see you again. It is so interesting to hear how many women were nervous (including me)about going to a place that they really did not "know" anyone personally but came away with lots of new friends and personal connections. You are such a cutie!

    1. Gayle!! I loved meeting you! You are such a dear! I've already been over to your blog and LOVED it!! The best part was meeting so many amazing women!

  11. LORI! It was so nice to meet you! You are a sweetheart. Thank you for being so warm and welcoming to a non-DIYer like me! I'm with you - Haven was really overwhelming at first, but so many people (like you!) made it really easy to feel at home. By the way, I have the cutest picture of you after you won that Ryobi thingy. I need to email it to you! XO!

    1. Leslie!! It was a pleasure to meet you! What's funny I didn't even really know you were a "non-DIYer" It didn't matter to me, you where such a hoot to meet!! :D Oh email that pic!! :)


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