Salsa Garden Update

I can’t believe this is the last day of June already??!!
Is this summer whizzing past or what??

I thought you all might want to see how my Salsa Garden is doing.

Life at the Stonybrook House has been pretty busy.
My daughter is gearing up for a missions trip for 3 weeks and we have also been busy at the apartments, 
(where I believe I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel).

But all of that has not stopped my garden from growing!
I think it’s growing great!
Check it out!

Now since then, my wonderful hubby, trimmed (practically mutilated) the tomato plants.  He said, that they will be just fine.  I hope so….

All of the plants seem to be thriving.  I did notice that something was chowing down on the  zuchinni plant’s leaves.  
Does anyone have any idea what it might be? I don’t have a clue, but I was informed to dust them with sevin.  That seems to have helped.  
The new leaves look healthy.

But this is what inspired this post….

My First Harvest!  Aren’t they wonderful?  
I’m going to cook them tonight.
Not sure how, maybe some grillin?

I can’t wait for the rest of the harvest!
I’m craving fresh salsa!!!

All of my flowers seem to be thriving. 
My window boxes have transformed!
Here's a before:
Remember when I did this post on my 
Painted Window Boxes
They look so scrawny...
But check them out now!
Aren't they full and gorgeous?
I used the moisture control soil, there are a few different brands out there. I just love that I don’t have to worry so much if I forget a day or two of watering.
You should try that in your flower planters, plus it has the fertilizer in it, 
which helps them grow. 
I have to show you the before...

Look!  Don’t they look happy?
They make me smile.  I love flowers. 
And see that green pot?  I spray-painted that and it’s done just fine!
Remember my again, my Painted Window Box  post, where I wasn’t sure it would work on plastic?
They all are holding up great!
I even spray painted the blue one here too! 
 I love the color it adds!
And, I love summer! 
Not necessarily the extreme heat, but that’s when you gotta jump in the pool!  
I also love having the kiddos home from college.  Summer is flying by.  
I want to enjoy each day!
Are you enjoying your summer?


  1. Lori, you have a green thumb! I love all your flowers and veggies, especially that zucchini. You need to come visit and tell me what I'm doing wrong! My garden is a disaster this year. The only thing that has survived the critters and the heat have been the tomatoes and peppers.

    1. Awww! What a bummer! For me the key is to stay up on the watering. And to attack those bugs and critters fast! Well, tomatoes and peppers.... sounds like the right ingredients for salsa!! :D

  2. Hello! This is a test to see if my blogger profile now shoes my email address. I don't want to be a no-reply blogger. THANK YOU so much for telling me that I was! I googled it and think I got it all figured out. But would you mind letting me know if you can respond to this?! Thanks so much!


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