DIY Bench Makeover

Updated 5.8.2020

DIY Bench Makeover

I've had this old bench forever, I really don't even remember where it came from...

Anyways, back in 2012, when I first wrote this post, I gave it a little paint makeover.  This is when I first started doing a bit of DIY, my blog was only a few months old.

So, let's take a look at what I was starting with... ummmmm, some nice orangey wood. 😜

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orangey wood bench

Did a once over with some 150 grit sandpaper.

sanded orangey wood bench

Next, I slathered the whole thing with a coat of primer.  You know I only use Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Plus!

Primed Bench

I probably should have done another coat of primer, but I was a newbie...  So, it took a bajillion coats of white paint to completely cover this bench.

Painted White Bench

This little guy sat like this for 8 years... fast forward to 2020... it was time for a little update....  This is where the magic takes place!

I've been waiting for a project to use this Valspar Antiquing Wax on.

Valspar Antiquing Wax

It's interesting to work with, kind of reminds me of a gel stain.  It says to use after chalk paint, but I used it over latex paint and so far no issues.  I plan on using a top coat also.

first coat of antiquing wax

You need to work quickly and try your best to keep a wet edge.  It looks best when you use LONG strokes.  Try not to stop and start in the middle of a stroke.  This is the start of one coat.

It takes awhile to dry.  At one hour it was still tacky.  The can says to give it a full 4 hours before adding a second coat.  I just waited to the next day.

2 Coats of Antiquing Wax

I love the 'grain' finish'!  It really looks good.  Hubs wasn't too sure of my idea, but after seeing it done, he really likes the way it came out too!

Finished Bench Makeover

Here's a closeup of the finish.

Finished Bench Closeup

What a nice update to our little bench!

Simple DIY Bench Makeover

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