Harry Potter Baby Shower

Harry Potter Baby Shower

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What a fun baby shower! I was happy and excited to do the decor! I couldn't have done it without my daughter's help. We are a great team and it turned out sooo adorable!

This baby shower was for my daughter in-law! I can't wait for this little bundle to arrive! 

My daughter is a graphic designer and is so creative! She designed and made all of the signage for the food and drinks and the letters on the wall. 

Hogwarts letters on the wall

She stamped and did the wax seal on all of these letters. I love the detailed work she did! Harry Potter Wax Seal & Stamp Kit.

I happen to have a bird cage and created this little Hedwig display. Then I wrapped boxes with brown paper and tied them with string.

Birdcage with Hedwig

We also added some flying keys and floating candles to help set the mood.

Flying Keys from Harry Potter

In order to have the candles hang completely straight, I drilled a tiny hole in the top of the "flame". Then tied the fishing line through that hole. It worked perfectly!!

Floating candles

Let's talk about that sorting hat. I made it! It was so much fun to do!! I followed a YouTube tutorial and it came out so good! 

DIY Harry Potter Sorting Hat

It actually even fits! 

Sorting hat fits!

We put up a cute little Welcome Baby Muggle banner.

Welcome Baby Muggle Banner

Now let's talk food! Talk about creative!! That veggie owl! And those darling sandwiches!

Harry Potter Themed food

Deathly Hallow Sandwiches

Everything was so delicious!

Dragon Eggs - deviled eggs

I loved the snacks, aren't those cute?! We also did a 'Help Free Dobby' sock hunt game.

Help Free Dobby Sock Hunt

Muggle Munch snacks

Bertie Botts beans

Ollivander's Wands - Pretzel sticks

We even had golden snitches!

Golden Snitch candy

The cake was so good! I called it Hagrid's cake. It was messy and sloppy, just like his. (I can say that, because I made it!

Hagrid's cake

Lastly, the beverage station.

Harry Potter Beverage Station

Did you catch the 'MimOsa not MimosA'? Wasn't that clever?

Fun Harry Potter Drinks

I just love the creativity of my daughter, she made the little 'The Three Broomsticks Tavern and Inn' sign. Just look at the detail she put into it! She made those little broomsticks and lantern!

Butter Beer Sign

We did the easiest butter beer recipe possible and it was so good!! In a beverage dispenser, we added cream soda, a bit of butterscotch topping syrup, and vanilla ice cream, mixing that together. Then top it off a cup of it with a squirt of whipped cream and a drizzle of butterscotch syrup. Yum!!

butter beer

It was such a great shower! We had a terrific time. There were a lot of Harry Potter fans, that loved all the little details. It was such a pleasure working with my daughter in-law's sister and mother. I'm so glad that we all get along so well. It truly is a blessing!



  1. This is SO cute! Thank you for the great ideas!


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