The Stonybrook House Is Downsizing

The Stonybrook House

The Stonybrook House is downsizing! 10 years ago we thought we had built our forever home, but God had other plans for us. 

About 3 years ago, Hubby and I began to feel that God was working on our hearts.  We began thinking about downsizing.  What?!  We love this house!  The Stonybrook House was the beginning of this blog.

Downsizing for some reason, sounded so appealing, yet in the same breath so overwhelming....  We both knew this house is way too big for just the two of us. We kept thinking and praying, thinking and praying.

Every January, I try to chose a word for the year. The word for 2020 was simplify. What a year it's been! When The Lord gave me that word, I had no idea the extent of what it was going to mean for us! But God did!!! 😍

We began to feel like God was moving us from our Stonybrook House. We weren't sure when this was going to happen, but we felt it coming.  I started to look at houses online and there wasn't really much to look at in our area.

I happen to find a possibility and we went and looked at it. After looking at it, our realtor came over to look at our house to see what we could possible sell our house for. She felt that the house we saw was too small for us, especially after seeing our current home.

She made a statement that stuck with us and really made us realize it was time to downsize.  All she said was this....  "You have a lot of stuff".  😂😂😂 We've known her for years, so that statement didn't upset us at all.  It was the truth.

Hubby and I looked at each other and we knew, it was time to pull the trigger. We decided that day to put the house up for sale.  We knew this was God giving us the push we needed to step out of our comfort zone.

We listed our house on August 17, 2020.  We didn't have a house to move to yet... but we knew God was going to provide.  God gave us a push to move, so we had to trust Him.

Our prayer was that we would know the minute we stepped onto a property, whether this was the one for us.  We didn't want to have to wait and go pray about it.  A 3 bedroom, 2 bath rancher doesn't last long on the market in our area. 

We were looking for a fixer upper, you know, a diamond in the rough.  The ugliest house on the block, one with great potential.

One day, I happen to see a little brick house listed... hmmm. It was in a sweet little neighborhood.  Not exactly in the area we wanted, but it would work. Oh... it's only a 2 bedroom 2 bath.... hmmm... It's has a good amount of square footage.  But it really doesn't check all of our boxes...

Maybe I should go look at it. So, I set up an appointment with our realtor. I went and took a look at it the next morning...

It has good bones, a solid build. I told our realtor, Mike (hubby) needs to see this. We all went back that afternoon and Mike says to me, "I think this is the one." Yes!  That's what I thought! We put in an offer!

Put in an offer on a little brick house

We listened to God's push.  We wanted to be obedient, so we took a step of faith, and He does what He does best... provides.  Thank you, Lord!

Here's the timeline... God is so good!! We put our house on the market August 17, 2020.  We found this little gem and put an offer in on August 20, 2020.  An offer came in for The Stonybrook House on August 28, 2020.  It sold in 11 days!

It took a lot of patience to purchase our little brick house... it was a short sale, which means the owner owes more than they can get for the house.  They had a reverse mortgage and that mortgage company was a bear to work with.  

We didn't know we were closing on the little brick house until the day we signed on it! It was so hectic not knowing anything, but we knew God would work it out.  His timing is always perfect!  So, the day we were leaving on vacation, we signed on the dotted line for our new little brick house.  

She needs a lot of work!!  There will be lots of projects! But we are exactly where God wants us to be, we couldn't be happier!

Leeper Brick House



  1. Super fun to see where God is leading you! I know you guys will have plenty of blog posts in the future!!! :D

  2. I am SO happy for you two! I love the way the Lord works His plan for us. We're in the beginning stages of downsizing and God has been nudging us, too. It seems some plans are coming together and we're praying and thinking a lot! It will be interesting to see what God has planned for our futures - yours and ours. Can't wait to see the changes you make to your new home. It's going to be the cutest house on the block!

    1. Hi Adrienne! I'm so thankful for all we've been through to get to this point! God definitely has been leading us through it all! You will know when the time is right! We can't wait to get moving on the projects!

  3. She's so cute and I can't wait to see what you two do to make this little house yours!

  4. It is so incredible, and such a blessing to me, to read your testimony of God's blessings over you. Throughout our church during this pandemic quarantine, that has been an unexpected theme - to downsize. Whether a home, or belongings, or whatever. God wants us to be completely obedient and dependent upon Him for our needs. Thank you, and your new home is already a blessing and testimony right where you're at!! Looking forward to tips, blogs, recipes and pics!! Dee Dee

  5. Hi Dee Dee! Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Yes, dependence and obedience to The Lord is our number one desire! The blessings seem to flow after that! Can't wait to get started on projects!!


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