Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Serving Tray

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Serving Tray

Funny thing about this Dollar Tree Pizza Pan project.  I had completely forgotten about it.  It was over 8 years ago when I had first done it. (With a different design) 

I had received a comment on the post and she mentioned that it was from a long time ago, but had a question.  So, I thought I'd give that post a little update and give the Dollar Tree Pizza Pan project a new twist.  Turn it into a serving tray!

If you want to see how the whole thing came together click on over to Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Tray

Today we have the next edition of Home & Decor Encore!  Thanks to Doreen for all you do to organize this team.

Each week we breath new life into our older top posts and share them with you here.
I know you're going to love some of these projects!


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