Softer Fall Decor

Updated 9.17.21

Softer Fall Decor

Typically I enjoy the pops of orange and red in fall decor, but this year I was definitely feeling a different vibe... I wanted something softer.

Softer fall mantel

I'd say very different from last year! 😂

2016 fall decor

You can always swing by last year's post, Falling In Love With Fall, you'll see lots of bright orange!

I feel like I'm going through a change of style... Well, it's been a slow process but I definitely have noticed it... Softer colors are catching my eye lately. I still love bold colors, but the softer ones are more soothing and comfy to me right now. 

I did keep a bit of orange...

Fall decor

I just LOVE those 'gather' blocks that I made last year! On the other side of them it says joyful for Christmas. 😍😍😍   I have a tutorial you can check out if you want... DIY 'Gather' Letter Blocks.

Coffee table fall decor

I don't know what it is, but this fall has me wanting more white and soft blues and greens. So, I said what the heck, let's get out the paint! And so I started painting pumpkins... and painting and painting... I painted almost all of them. All but maybe 2 or 3. 😊

I am sooo happy I did. Hubby put up with my painting mess for weeks at the dining table. He's so great about that! He just let's me do my thing. Love that guy!!

Dining Table Fall Pumpkins side view

Just keeping the dining table super simple. 😊

Lovin' the shutters hubs and I made a couple of years ago. They work perfect to contain table decor.

Dining Table Fall Pumpkins

I love the combination of the wood and white colors

Fall mantel decor

I also just didn't feel like changing the entire "look" of the house for the season. My motto lately has been 'less is more' and I definitely want less STUFF! So, I weeded out some things I don't really care for anymore. I just wanted to keep it simple, easy, less cluttered.

Entry area fall decor

So what do you think? Do you like the lighter softer style of fall? 

Fireplace fall decor

Hmmm... I wonder what's going to happen at Christmas time. I mentioned to hubby about only putting up one Christmas tree and he really didn't care for that idea.  He wants both of them up... I said, "As long as you help!" 👍

Here the the links to some of the decor we made.

From Bedposts To Candlesticks
DIY Rustic Wood Lanterns
DIY 'Gather' Letter Blocks

These have DIY outdoor pumpkins have been a hit every year! I made them a few years ago and they have held up well to our east coast fall/winter weather.

DIY Outdoor Real Looking Pumpkins
DIY Paper Clay Pumpkins

I'm just so glad that I finished my fall decor! These colors are just feeling so fall right now. 🍂

Softer and Lighter Fall Decor


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