One Thing Leads To Another... Books To Painting?

So... Have you ever had one small project that you think will be quick and done that lead to another and so on.... and then it seems you have a project going on that you never dreamed you'd be doing...yeah, that's kind of what happened...

I've shared about how I'm slowly (but surely) going through the KonMari Method of tidying up.  Let me tell you, it's going slower than I thought. You can check out my earlier posts, the one for Clothing and the one for Books. The 'books' one is what got me into all of this 'mess'. Yes, we went through all our books, which is great! I just didn't imagine all of this going on. So, here's how we got into this project.

We emptied out the three large 8 ft. bookcases. Yay! 😊 We were left with this...

Pretty much an empty bookcase. Those photo albums... that will be another project, well, actually it's been an ongoing project for the last year that seems to have no end in sight at the moment. It will be dealt with! You can see some progress in this next photo, no really, you can! Think positive for a moment!

Let me point out a few things.... Those are boxes of books to give away. Yay! 👏  On the yellow shelf are boxes of photos that are actually organized by year! Another Yay!👏  Do you see those box lids near the top left of the photo? Those are filled with unorganized photos. Boo...👎  We'll get there. It's actually one of the categories in the KonMari Method. Back to the story...
Unwanted books packed up

More books packed up!
More unwanted books packed up

This room is a disaster now! I have to have it cleaned up by next weekend! My daughter, her fiance' and the puppy are coming to visit. This mess won't do! So, I have my work cut out for me!
Mess to clean up

So, while the bookcases were empty, I was thinking.... 
Sort of empty bookcases

Wouldn't they look better with the back painted a lighter color? You can see I was 'testing' it our with some paper taped to the back. 👍  Hubby agreed! Let's go for it!

Another thing... we've never really styled these bookcases. They've basically been a catch all for crap and the books were just kind of randomly stacked here and there. That will change! We actually have some good ideas brewing. 😍

Next, we completely emptied them and laid them down to slide the backs off. I was thinking it was going to be too much work to pull out the nails and slide the backs off. It was much easier than I dreamed. Hubby has the touch!
Best hubby ever!

So, here comes the next project.... You see, those bookcases haven't moved since we bought them, probably 7 years ago, and why would they? But, once they are back up, they will not be moving again, unless we move. Which leads to the fact that, this room is the only one that hasn't been painted on the first floor. 

Now we're painting! I love to paint... I miss painting. 💕

I don't know that my shoulder is up to painting a whole room, but maybe a wall. This would be a good test for my shoulder. I need to keep working it and trying to do things that I normally would do. Plus I've been dying to start a real project! So, here goes!

The den is Hubby's room. He get's to decide how things go in there.
Den Wall

I enjoy sitting in there too and having a cup of coffee, but it's been named his room. So, he get's to pick the colors and the decor. (Well, at least most of it.😊 )

He picked the same color that we have on the living room and kitchen walls, Valspar Polar Star. The kitchen remodel and dining/living room paint came out beautiful. It's a really nice gray. Then for the part under the chair rail, he chose the color Valspar Metropolis. Both are gorgeous. I think he picked pretty good!

I started by cutting in. Let's be honest, I was nervous/excited. Nervous to see how my shoulder would hold up and excited just to have a paint brush in my hand. (I was also nervous to get up on the ladder again. It's just been too long.)

All is well!
Valspar Polar Star Cut in

The shoulder did better than I thought it would! I took my time and worked pretty slow, but YAY! I did it! 🙌

Upper den wall complete

Now for the bottom. I love the color! The two together just look awesome!
Valspar Metropolis

There was a comment on my Instagram, about how I don't use tape or much of a drop cloth. I just don't have time for that. I have a pretty steady hand and thankfully, I'm not a messy painter. I will throw an old sheet down when I'm rolling, but I get lazy moving it around with me. 

Cutting in with no tape

Then voilé! We're done!!
Den Wall complete with Valspar: Polar Star & Metropolis

Whew! Now to go finish those bookcases!! I love this! I feel like "I'm back!!" 😊



  1. I am loving it The colors are gorgeous. I laughed at how things happens to me every single time! "oh let's do the backyard" wait, now we have to paint the entire garage?? His response was: Fine, but if you think you are getting a new're crazy!" LOL

  2. Lori, wow you have taken on a big project but you have made great progress. Love the colors your hubby chose. I know you will enjoy your styled bookcases when you are finished!

    1. Thanks, Pam! He did do a good job! It had my stamp of approval! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Bravo! I'm sure it felt great to get back on the horse! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming post(s) on this room.

    1. Julie! You are soooo right! It feels so good to be close to normal again! Thanks for stopping by!

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