My Successful IKEA Trip

Okay... I hate going to IKEA...said no sane person EVER!!! Seriously, I'm crazy in love with that store! 😍😍😍  I just wish it wasn't an hour and a half away...

Here's my haul, but there's a story that goes along with it.
IKEA stuff

Easter weekend, we were headed down to see my daughter and her fiancΓ©... she asked me if I'd stop by IKEA and pick up a few items for her wedding. Of course, I said SURE!! I don't need an excuse to go there.

So, I picked up a few things for her and a few things for me. One thing in particular was these RITVA Curtains.
RITVA curtains

They are gorgeous curtains. Well, when I got home, I took a look at my receipt. I bought 3 packages, and thought it was kinda funny that I was charged one price for 2 of the packages and another price for the other one. Huh??

I went and picked them up and looked at them... DUH!!! One of them was the wrong length! I just looked at the first package and grabbed 3 of them.  I didn't even bother looking at the others...

Ugh... Well... I guess I'll just have to go to IKEA again. Shucks!! πŸ˜‰

So, last week, me and my BFF/SIL made the trip. Yay! We had soooo much fun!! And you can see that I came home with more than just curtains. πŸ˜„

Let's run through it... Curtains ✓ Yes, I picked those up and the right size this time! I can't wait to show you what I've done with them!!

Along with the curtains, I purchased these rings.
Curtain Rings

IKEA has the best price on curtain rings. I shopped around and they are soooo expensive! I picked these up, $6.99 for 10 of them. Excellent!

Next up, those lovely baskets in the background.

I originally wanted them for the den bookshelves, but they are too deep. 😏  But not to fear, they will have a home in some bookshelves up in our bedroom!

Have you ever bought any of IKEA's faux plants?
faux plant and pots

They are awesome! And adorable!! They run about $3.99 and never die! Which is huge, because I have trouble with houseplants. I bought a couple of them and have them here and there throughout the house. The cute little tin pots... only $.99 each! Must have!

Speaking of plants, I know I have a hard time keeping them alive, but succulents hardly need any attention! So, when I saw this little guy.... he had to come home with me. 😍
Spike plant

Okay, what else...
IKEA stuff

Stuff for the den bookcases... Incase you haven't heard I've been re-doing them. You can see all the changes here.

Album frames, IKEA has such a great selection of frames in general and I'm glad I found these for a very reasonable price. $7.99 each.
Album frames

Hubby LOVES music! He had some vinyls he wanted framed and a couple of years ago my daughter bought him a few more. Huey Lewis & The News has a special place in hubs heart. He was in The Heart Of Rock 'n Roll video,  for all of about 15 seconds. 😍 

This vintage looking clock looks perfect on the den bookshelves.
vintage looking clock

Okay, the rest of the stuff was just for me... I love this bowl. I realized I really didn't have any nice serving bowls that aren't plastic cheap stuff. I picked up this beauty for $16.99.
Bamboo bowl

These little lanterns have a funny story... I bought them because one they are too cute, second they are LED so they wont break out side on the gazebo. I had these other lights that broke during a storm. I don't want to deal with broken glass.

What's funny is, I didn't realize that the light set wasn't included. Duh! It's pretty easy to tell now, that a string of lights didn't fit in that tiny box! Hahahaha! I just have to laugh. But I already found a solution! I found a string of solar powered LED lights at target! Perfect! Can't wait to put them up!

This tray... I fell in love... and only $9.99! πŸ’•
beautiful tray

Only two more items!
These silicone slushie thingys!! Oh, the possibilities! Yum!
silicone slushie thingy

And last but not least! A rose napkin holder. Isn't she pretty? 
Rose napkin holder

I already painted her... Ahhh!!! Sooo in love with this silly little thing! 😍
blue napkin holder

I would have to say it was a successful trip. It will probably be another year til I can visit again... until next time....



  1. Aren't those curtains just the best! I just got some for my eat-in kitchen area, and I LOVE them!

    1. Yes, Holly! They are such good quality for the $$! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I love Ikea, my store too is like.....over an hour away. I always need a partner but sadly Greg will go, but he is not the guy to take. He looks like he wants to "implode". LOL

    He hates it for some reason, which I will never get and continue to go! I can't wait to see what you do with the curtains, they looks great and I am loving the little plants too. No watering works for me indoors.


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