My KonMari Journey ~ Part 2 Books

Hi! Here is another episode of My KonMari Journey.
KonMari ~ Books

We already finished the first category of clothing. You can see that one here
My KonMari Journey ~ Part 1 Clothing

Oh, boy... I though this one was going to be easy...  It was for me, but hubby really enjoys and loves his books. Me on the other hand... I love to read and I like books, but once I read it that's pretty much it. I'm done with it. There are only a few books that I have reread.

I thought that this was going to be simple and quick, then move on to the next category. Think again! I'll get more into that later....😳

This is where most all of our books are housed. There may be a few books I'm decorating with here and there, but for the most part this is all of them.
Bookshelves Before

Well, as you can tell, most of the books on the left side have already been removed... I usually get ahead of myself, before I think..."Oh, Snap! I should have took some photos!" 😜

These bookshelves are in our den that is right off the kitchen. I love to sit and have coffee in there, read and have my morning devotions. The couch is in a great spot to see the beautiful trees in the backyard.

I separated the books into 3 categories. 
1. Those I want to keep (bring me joy 😍)  
2. Those to donate/yardsale  
3. Hubby's books, for him to go through.

What you see right here, is my stacks of books to donate/yardsale.
Books to give away

Here is  Hubby's books to go through.
Hubby's books to go through

Oh, but let's not forget what's in those cabinets... Paperbacks!
Hubby's books to go through

Like I said he loves his books!

He did go through those stacks and got rid of some... not as many as I probably would have, but those are his books and he is free to keep what he wants. 

Of course, Arwen has to get in on the action... 
Nosy Kitty

So, you know how one thing leads to the next??.... Yeah, that's what began to happen. This is how the shelf looked after all the books were out.
Den Bookshelves

The photo albums are going to be worked in somewhere else, so those are going. But there is a hint that shows you where this project is going... Can you see the clue? 😉


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