Easy Bed Frame for Under $40!

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Yes, I'm serious!! My daughter bought a new full size mattress without a box spring, she didn't want the height a box spring would add, and she desperately needed storage under her bed.  So, Hubs and I set to work to design and build an EASY, sturdy, inexpensive bed frame.

Bed Frame Under $40

So, right before Hubs had hernia surgery, he designed the bed frame. There were a few tweeks made and we were good to go.  He wasn't going to be able to help me build the frame, so I was on my own. He did supervise and give LOTS of help from the sidelines. :) He really was a lot of help!

The measurements of the bed were 75X54.  We didn't actually measure the bed.  That was what was on the box it came it, I was concerned that it wouldn't fit so I increased the width by and inch. I should have just left it at 54", but oh well....

The supplies I bought were 6 - 2x4x10s, 3 - 2x4x8s and 3 - 2x2x8. That total was 38.31! You can't beat that! The only other thing you need is screws.  I had plenty of those already! I used 2 1/2" wood screws. You can see the basic lay out here.

I basically cut all of the 10' pieces in half measuring 55".  Those are the slats that go across. The 8' pieces I cut to 75".  Two of them are the sides and one will be a center support down the middle.

Next I cut one of the 2x2s into 4 legs 13" long. I used my handy dandy Kreg Pocket Hole Jig System, on all of the side boards to attach to the legs. Seriously, this is an invaluable tool!  I love this thing! If you don't know what I'm talking about.... Please YouTube it!  There are TONS of videos out there explaining the dynamics of this fabulous little tool!
Kreg Jig

The toughest part of the whole bed was attaching the sides to the legs.  In this humid weather, the boards can warp pretty quickly... They weren't too bad, but just enough to give me a bit of trouble.

But we got this! See! I did the Kreg Jig holes are close together on head and foot boards. Then on the two side boards I did them apart. Hubby showed me how to use clamps to get them nice tight.
Bed Leg Corner

Next, I flipped the frame on its side and held it up with a ladder to put in the slat supports.  I forgot to take a picture of that.... sorry. I just wanted to be able to screw the nails in going down, I don't have as much strength using the drill at an angle.

Here's a close up of the side support installed. This will hold all of the horizontal slats across the bed.
Close up of Corner

Here is the frame part complete. It's looking good! YAY! Half way there!
Bed Framework

Now all of the slats go in.  We made them approximately 4 1/2 inches apart.  You can add more if you desire.  It's up to you. Hubs felt that was plenty.

I pre drilled every screw, I really don't like doing that... so much work, but if you don't want the wood to split, that's what you have to do. So, I set up two drills one with the a drill bit and one with the screw bit. That made it go a lot quicker!!
Installing Slats
I used clamps to secure each board from moving and to help with some of the warping.  I even had Hubs stand on a few boards to get them screwed in!

I got them all in! But... after I got them all in, I couldn't flip it over, it was sooo heavy! And....I still needed to install the center support on the underside.
Slats Complete

So, I took all of them out except for the head and foot board slats and another one that was a bit of a bear to get in (the one Hubby stood on for me).

Okay, time for the center support.  I flipped it over and laid the center support down the middle. I measured and marked the center of the head and foot board and the center of the 2x4 support board.
Center Support

Here's a close up. I Kreg Jigged the center support to the head and foot board.  I actually had Hubs stand on this board too. The slats were pushing on it. This bed is nice and sturdy! (This picture is before I actually screwed it in...you can see that it isn't even with the head board.) :)
Close Up Center Support

Okay, now it's time for delivery!  My brother came over and helped me load it up into the trailer, I loaded all of the tools and stuff ready to head down to VA.

After we unloaded it, my daughter and I sanded the whole thing down. She just wanted the natural wood no stain or paint.... okay.... :) We carried it into her room, I screwed in all the slats and it was good to go!
Bed Frame Installed

It fit great...it was an inch too wide.... oh well. Not a deal breaker. :) We made the bed!
Bed Made!

One happy girl!! Now she has storage!
Happy Girl

So, yes, you can build a bed frame for under $40!
Bed Frame Under $40



  1. That is genius! Pinning this, because I'm loving it!

  2. I'm impressed with the 2x4 slats lol.

    1. Thanks! You can do soooo much with a couple of 2x4's! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I appreciate you stopping by! Who knew what you'd be able to do with a couple of 2x4s!

  4. What size did you use for the support slats?

    1. Most of all the wood was 2x4's. I believe if you look at the pictures, the length was 55". Hope that helps!

  5. You did this project a couple days ago, I would love to know how it has held up. Broken legs? Sagging center? Thanks in advance!

    1. It held up terrific! No issues whatsoever! Thanks for asking!

  6. What did the two other 2x2 boards get used for?

    1. The 2x2's were used as legs for the bed frame. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Keep on working, great job!

  8. Hello! I've been following your site for a long time now and finally got
    the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from
    Dallas Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic

  9. Almost 4 years later, how is the bed holding up?

    1. Hi There Ms CJ! Well, it lasted through my daughter's college days and she ended up selling it to another student! It was incredibly sturdy!

    2. Awesome to see! Mine collapsed after a year+ - But I did NOT use 2x4s, so would probably have had better luck with those. Cheers!

    3. Oh, no! That's a bummer. This really held up well! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Love the frame!!! To what measurements would you extend the wood cut to make it a queen-size frame? I see this is for a Full.

  11. Thanks so much! You're best bet, would be to actually measure the mattress you'll be putting this on. Then allow some space on the sides. That way you know it will fit for your mattress.


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