A little time off...Time to purge and organize!

Hi y'all! Hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful week of vacation at the beach.
Beachin it

It was a bit tainted....About a week before, hubby started feeling the start of a hernia. :(  Other than that we had a fabulous time! So now, he's having surgery to correct this.

While he is off, we decided to dig into the basement and start purging and organizing! Last winter, it looked like this....
Basement Before
Not much has changed, except for probably more messes have been made. :/

We got started right before he went in for surgery.  I'm so glad he came down to help! :))))  I'm not so sure he's glad....
Hubby Helping
What a MESS!! I just kept bringing him boxes to go through. :)))
What a mess!
It's been so freeing to throw things out or give away!

This pile is on it's way out! And plenty has gone to the garbage can!
Get rid of stuff!
We've lived in our home for 6 years now, and we found items that have not moved an inch since moving day.  We kept asking ourselves, "Why did we keep these?" And "We haven't used this in 6 years...time to pitch!" We also have a lot of our children's things, even though both of them don't live at home, I snapped a lot of pictures asking if they still wanted items, or if they wanted items we were going to get rid of. :D
I can't believe all of the empty shelves!
And even more empty shelves!! I want to eliminate these shelves in the middle completely.
Empty Shelf Units
Ahhhh.... It feels so Good! We are nowhere near done, but progress has been made! 

Some of this might be motivated from going through my mother's stuff.  She passed away 8 years ago and I have never touched any of those boxes. But for some reason, now seemed like the right time. I have found some very interesting items.... This is my great grandfather's US citizenship certificate.
US Citizenship Cert.
Cool, right? His real name was Nils Nilsson and it was changed to Nels Nelson. He emigrated from Sweden. Also a small Swedish Bible with his name engraved on it. I just found this all so interesting!

I also found my mother's little booties, birth certificates, marriage certificates, high school diplomas, even letters from my great grandfather to my great grandmother, and so many old pictures. 

As Hubs and I have been finding and purging old paper records, (we found financials from 2002! Ugh! So glad that most things are stored electronically now!) we've been burning them in our little fireplace outside.
Burning financial records
So...during the time hubby is off...(6weeks) we are planning to purge this...
Filing Cabinet
The files in there haven't been touched for 6 years.... And I've had plans for the outside of it, too. It's a bit boring don't you think? Anyway....  Now we will have more papers, financial and medical to burn! Oh! Boy! Hubby and I laugh about how we have romantic nights by the fire burning old financial records!

Another project I'm going to be working on is a bed frame for my daughter. She just purchased a full bed and wants a inexpensive wood frame for it.  So, Hubby will design it and I'm going to build it.

And maybe we'll do a bit of traveling... That would be fun!

I'll definitely be keeping us busy for the next 6 weeks!

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