How To Fix Misplaced Pendant Lights

These lights have frustrated us since we moved in, that's why we never installed the pendants. If you look at this picture, you'll understand.  See the light covers, that's where the pendants were placed by the builders, but the lighted area would only be on the cabinet side of the counter. ( You can see where I marked it with a line.) When they should have been centered over the entire counter, right?  This isn't rocket science. Well, Hubby and I have had a plan all along... we just finally did it! :)
Misplaced pendant lights

Since, my sweet Hubby was only going to be home for another week or so, (recuperating from surgery AND he was feeling so much better!) we decided to attack this problem.

We didn't want to patch the old holes.... that would just mean patching, mudding and SANDING... in other words a HUGE MESS!!!!! No thank you. So we decided to build a mini bulk head and correctly place the pendant fixtures. :)

Here is the plan drawn on the ceiling.  You can see the circles for the new light boxes.
New Pendant lights drawn out on ceiling

Then we cut those circles out.  Now, you can totally see that the placement position is soooo much better!!
Pendant Lights Lined Up Over Counter

Hubby built a frame that was going to house the light boxes and hold up the pendant lights. He's so smart with configuring this kind of stuff. :)
Bulk Head Frame for New Pendant Lights

We got that baby screwed into studs to give it the support it needs. Good Job, Honey!
Bulk Head Frame Installed for Pendant Lights

Here's a closer look. The light boxes are set in the holes, just a bit, to make them level with the bottom of the frame.
Close Up of Bulkhead Frame for Pendant Lights

Here's the drywall that will be installed next.  Hubs got it all ready before we installed it on the ceiling.
Drywall Insert for Bulkhead

It's starting to look good! Next up.... patch the screws, a tiny bit of sanding, then some primer and crown molding.
Drywall Installed on Bulkhead for Pendant Lights

Now, I thought that this would pretty much be it.  Maybe a little caulking around the edge, but no....
Crown Molding framing bulkhead for Pendant Lights

This was not going to look good. Caulking just looked messy and unfinished.  I did have to piece the crown molding at the corner, but no one will really be looking there. And... my miters weren't the best, but nothing like a little caulking to cover it up.
Crown molding gaps than need to be filled

The solution, was to put a piece of small flat trim on the bottom to cover the edge.  Now, it looks much better!!
Added Trim Completes bulkhead for Pendant Lights

Another view... Just need some paint and we'll be ready to rock and roll!!
Bottom Trim Piece completes bulkhead for Pendant Lights

Here are the pendant light fixtures and glass shades we chose.  Simple and classic.  If we ever want to we can change the glass shades to something else, it'll be a easy.
Pendant Lights Ready to Install

Love love love this!!! It looks like it was meant to be there.  It goes right along with the cabinets in the background.
DIY Pendant Lights with Bulkhead Complete

And now we have light!! This has brightened up the whole space, kitchen and dining area.
DIY Pendant Lights with Bulkhead Complete

So, this is how we corrected our misplaced pendant lights. :)
Correctly Placed Pendant Lights with DIY Bulkhead Complete



  1. Looks great. Has a custom feel now!! Good job :)

    1. Hi Eliesa! Thanks!! It works sooo much better now! Light everywhere!! :)

  2. Looks beautiful Lori. I wish I could hire you for some projects around our house! Good to see you posting again. Nana

    1. Hahaha! Thanks, Nana! I need a kick in the pants to get writing more!

  3. OMG. You guys are the most amazing DIYers!!! LOVE your blog. I just hope you posted more often, like everyday. ;)


    1. Hey Kez! Thanks! IK.... I need to write more... It's just so hard to spend so much time on the computer! :/ Need to buckle down! Thanks for the encouragement

  4. Hello! Nice work! We are having our cabinets painted soon with that same paint. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much sanding did it require to get your canines ready?

    1. I lightly sanded, I would say probably on a scale of 2-3. Not much really. The primer is the key! Thanks for reading!


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