TV Wall Is Getting an Overhaul

I've been a little busy bee lately...  Let me share what I've been working on.

Living Room Before

Here's the living room right before I started decorating for fall. The one wall that didn't get painted was the TV wall. That wall needs some help! Not that the room is done by a long shot, but its a journey. The fireplace needs to be completely redone. I still haven't decided what I'm doing for window dressing and recovering furniture and painting the coffee table, etc, etc, etc....

Do you see that dark entertainment center between the chairs?  At one point in time that was wall to wall entertainment.  A couple of years ago we moved two of the units out, we felt it kinda overpowered the room. We just left the shelves where they were, but they seem a little oddly placed now. So, all of it is coming down, except for the TV. I feel like I have a "Star Wars" living room... Can you feel the dark side? ha ha. It definitely needs to be lightened up!

Shelves down, spackle, prime and paint!  I'm continuing the Gray Polar Star on the wall to the right. Hubby and I ended up taking the TV down, so I could get in around there better.

Painting the living room

I was actually thinking maybe we should put up two shelves.  Yeah, I look awkward.  Trying to take a pic with me out of the way.  I wanted to show hubby, to see what he thought. Not sure....

2 shelves on TV wall

For now it's just going to be one shelf, but the placement was changed and they're getting a coat of paint. So, in between coats painting the walls, I got started on the shelves and the entertainment center.

Front designs on entertainment center

Playing with a few designs for the front.  I love some of the fretwork I've seen on furniture. 

Trying to find the right pattern was the tough part. Hubby and I actually picked the green taped one. So, I was off to Lowes to get some trim.

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