Custom Shelves To Organize Your Paint

Updated 7.24.20
Custom Shelves To Organize Your Paint

When I say that I had paint and paint supplies all over the basement, garage and house...I'm not kidding. 

As much as I love being organized, I can be so unorganized it's overwhelming!  But I've gathered all paint and supplies into this mess.

Paint mess to be organized

It doesn't seem like that much when you bunch it all together, but I had paint cans and samples all over the place.  

And....You know those paint can opener thingys?  I usually can't find one anywhere when I need one. Who knew I had about 10 of them! 😜  Well, I know where they are now!

Being frustrated with my lack of organization, not only with my paint supply, but other areas as well.  I knew building some shelves for all the paint would be a fantastic start! 

Hubby and I discussed a plan and he so sweetly drew this up. 😍

Plans for the Paint Shelf

He so good at all those numbers and measurements, and he thinks out all the details! Love that guy!

But first, we had to put up an "instant wall". The basement isn't finished, but it is insulated.  I did not want to do any drywall.  It is so much work and such a mess.  We decided to put up some beadboard as an "instant wall".  

Here his is measuring and cutting the beadboard.  He's so good to me, he put aside his own plans for the day to help me. 💕

Hubby cutting beadboard for wall

This is WAY easier than drywall!  We have no plans to finish off the basement.  We have plenty of living space in this house!

Instant Beadboard wall finished

Wall complete, now on to the paint shelf!

We only had to purchase 2 - 1x6s and 1- 1x4 and the 2 sheets of beadboard.  We already had 6 - 1x4s painted black from an old project we never actually did. (Love to repurpose!!) And we had some old shelving, Hubby picked up dumpster diving, years ago. They were black too, so at least it will look like it all goes together.

Building Paint Shelf

I measured where each board would be attached, according to Hubby's plans.  Pre-drilled the holes and attached all of the shelves.  If you look carefully you can see that I drew lines where each shelf would be attached.  That way I knew exactly where to drill.

Paint Shelves Built

Not bad..... Hubby already thought ahead and made some Kreg Jig holes where the shelf can be attached to the wall.  That shelf isn't going anywhere!! 👍

The lower shelves are for 1 gallon paint cans, then there's room for quarts and samples. The top shelves are for spray paint cans. The row for spray paint is deep enough, that I can put two rows of paint.  Plenty of room to grow!

This makes my heart happy!!! 😍

Custom Shelves for Paint Organizing

I love samples, it makes finding the right color so simple! 

Paint organized on shelf

This just calms me, knowing that if I am looking for anything paint wise, I can easily find it.  It also helps to label paint cans with what room you've used them in.  👍

Organize Your Paint

Don't you think this is MUCH better??!!! :)


One to PIN for later...

Custom Shelves To Organize Your Paint

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