Priming And Painting The Garage

Here we are in June already!
The last post I wrote about the garage was last August!
Oh my!
Yes... Clearing The Garage For Painting
This is what it looked like then.

Work Bench Mess

You can see in this picture, the poor job the builders did in taping and "mudding" the garage.
So, we had our work cut out for us.

Poor Mudding Job

We worked on it until it just got too cold.
Then it sat for the entire winter and then some....

I had put on one coat of joint compound, then sanded.
Hubby ended up doing another coat. He was much better at it than I was.
So, I did the sanding.
And he was in charge of doing the entire ceiling. Spackling and sanding!
Well, when you're 6'4" that's what happens.  :)

So, after a long winter and some of spring we finally
 got back into the swing of things.
I'm so glad to have the sanding complete!
Thank The Lord!
I do NOT like the dust that gets E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!!

Right Side mudded and sanded

If you look closely, you can see all the tape is covered and sanded.
We are ready to prime!
And those are the wonderful cabinets we got for free!

Back wall and free cabinets!

Left side ready for primer

I was so excited to start priming!
It's amazing what a little paint can do! It's just a little corner, but it's a start!! :)

Starting to prime

Wow! Now it's actually starting to look like a part of the house.

Primed Back door area

Happy dance!  I know... it's just primer!
It's just taken us so long to get to this point!

Garage Primed

Ahhhh.....  real paint...
This color hubby picked is so nice!
I have to say he has some pretty good taste!

Painted Back Door Area

In case anyone's interested, it's Valspar's Lunar Tide.

Painted Left Wall

Man, this is a big garage!  I still have the huge back wall to finish.

I'm also caulking the space between the drywall and the concrete edge along the bottom.
Hubby doesn't want any bugs living in there.
Then I'll have to prime and paint that as well.

Painted Left Wall
Then we are going to stain the concrete.
This is progress!!

Have a great weekend!
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