Easy DIY Hand Painted Sign

We are busy, busy, busy with the garage and we are making progress.  I'll have to give an update real soon!

But I can't believe that I forgot to share this!
I made this a couple of months ago for my sweet daughter's birthday!

Easy Painted Sign

It really is pretty easy, it's just takes some wood, paint and a steady hand. :)

I like the way it came out, I just might adjust the spacing a bit.  Oh well.

First, I found a board in the basement, I didn't know what kind it was.  
It was left over from this project
How To Make A Custom Tiled Mirror

DIY Tiled Mirror

I figured it would work for this project.
So, I primed it and painted it with a neutral color I had in the basement.

Prepare board

I wasn't too worried about the rough edges, because I knew I was going to cover it with some trim.

Then I printed out the words the size I wanted them to be.

Printed words as stencil

Once I had that all figured out, I flipped the stencil over and colored over the letters with a pencil.
That way when I flipped it back, all had to do it trace the letters.

Transfer the pencil markings

You can't really tell, but I traced it.

Write over letters to transfer

Then comes the fun part!
It can be a little tedious but I really enjoy painting!!

painting words

First coat is done.

Hand Painted I AM HIS sign

I had to do one more coat and then it was time to start the frame. It's just corner trim that I cut to fit. Then I spray painted it gold. FYI... I do not enjoy cutting mitered corners. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Next, Hubby helped me glue it all together.

Hand Painted I AM HIS Sign

I love what this sign says and I hope my daughter reads it every day!

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