Clearman's (Northwood's Inn) Copycat Cabbage Salad

Clearman's Copycat Cabbage Salad

Hubby and I are originally from the west coast.
We both grew up in Southern California, that's were we met and got married.
There is a restaurant we used to go to in Covina, CA called
Clearman's Northwoods Inn

Being that there wasn't a lot of snow there, we always loved going to the snow roofed restaurant.
Plus, they have the most delicious food.  Their cheese bread is amazing and completely fattening!
They also have seriously huge baked potatoes, that could be a meal by itself!

But with every dinner they serve a bowl of red cabbage salad and a bowl of regular salad that has a buttermilk ranchy dressing on it.
We would mix the two, soooo good!

Now that you know the background, we hadn't had this salad since our Cali days, 20+ years ago.
So, I had this head of purple cabbage, and hubby and I thought back to the cabbage salad...
First place to check? Well, Pinterest of course!....What can I find there?
Well, I found a great recipe!!
Check out Melissa at For the Love of Food

All you need is red cabbage, oil, red wine vinegar and a few other ingredients you most definitely should have in your pantry.

All you do is mix it all together and refrigerate.  The longer it sits the better it is!
So when you try it on day 4 (if you have any left) it's perfect!

So, lets just say I've been making this A LOT!
You really don't even need any other dressing, it's so flavorful, but a bit of ranch on it tastes delish too!
Clearman's Copycat Cabbage Salad

Hope you like it as much as we do!

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