Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer For Under $1

Kitchen Utensils Drawer Organizer

How to make a kitchen utensil drawer organizer for under $1!

I can't believe I've been living with this drawer like this for almost 4 years!
Messy Kitchen Utensil Drawer

I think we have a problem, Houston...
This drawer drives me nuts!  It never fails that something is preventing the drawer from opening. Usually, it's my pastry blender, top right next to the lonely yellow coffee stirrer. (No idea why that's in there.)
We have a coffee cup hoarding problem and along with that come the lids.  Finding the right one to the right coffee cup is always a challenge.  Because...
you know if you don't get it right, you will be wearing that coffee.
So.... enough is enough!
Dump the drawer and let's figure out what I really want in it.

And I'm going to show you another cheap & easy drawer organizer.
It's just a cardboard box.
Organizing drawers with cardboard boxes

This is already calming me.
I measured the width of the drawer and made two horizontal pieces.
The one for the coffee lids 3 inches tall and the rest are 2 inches tall.

Then figured how many slots I wanted and measured those pieces.

All I did was use my glue gun to put it all together.
The next step is the fun part!
Reinforce the corners

Mod Podge Time!
I had this fabulous wrapping paper, I picked up at Target on clearance. 
I think it was like $1.50! Score!!!
I cut some small pieces to reinforce the corners.
Then I just wrapped the whole thing and Mod Podged like crazy.
Super Easy! Super Cheap! Super Pretty!
Organizer complete

Have you been watching the Olympics?
 I love watching them, so I worked on it while they were on.

Are you loving that paper?  I might just enjoy opening up this drawer now!

I have to say, I think this is the best way I have ever thought of to organize those coffee cup lids.
Corral Coffee Cup Lids

So glad to have one more drawer done.... It's going slow, but it's going!

This is so cheap to do.  Box cost me nothing, a little glue, Mod Podge (which I always have on hand) and some cheap wrapping paper! All for definitely under $1!
Kitchen Drawer Organizer for Under $1

Here are a few other drawer organizers I've made:

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