(My) Fashion Over 40

Hi! I'm introducing something a little different.
I mentioned before that I was going to be adding some new elements to 
The Stonybrook House.
The plan is to share a few ideas and on Health & Beauty and along with that 
I thought I'd throw in a bit of "fashion".

Now, I am definitely not a person that follows all the new fashion trends....that would be more up my daughter's alley.  My style is a bit more classic.  I like going for things that are timeless. Plus let's remember I'm over 40 and closer to 50, so I never want to look like I'm "hanging on too tight".  If you get what I mean.... :)
I thought I'd share with you what I wear to church on Sundays.
Sunday, is basically the only day I get dressed up.  Unless hubby is taking me out or there is a special event.  Otherwise, I'm in paint covered jeans and a big sweatshirt, hair in a ponytail headed out to the apartments to work.

But on Sunday's, I enjoy getting dressed up, fixing my hair and makeup.
So, here is what I wore yesterday, and I'll share some thoughts on it.

Fashion Over 40

 (Hubby did a pretty good job being my photographer)

I love this teal blouse my daughter picked out for me at Ross.  I really like the "pleather"(plastic, looks like leather) detail on the collar and pockets.  I wore it loose, but I was thinking of getting a skinny black belt.  I think that would look nice too.

The skirt is from Target on the clearance rack! :) Yay!  It's just a straight skirt with slash pockets, very simple and classic.

The tights are from Walmart. They have fun stripes on them, I like something a little unexpected.  The shoes are ancient, I couldn't even tell you where I got them. 

I'm into my 3rd week of recovery since my hysterectomy and I'm finally able to wear my regular clothes, which thrills me! I'm very glad that I can easily fit into one of my favorite black skirts.

Let's talk about mini skirts....
Now, you might not consider this a mini skirt, but 
personally, this is the shortest I will go. And... I will only wear a skirt this short with tights. My legs have lost their firmness and tend to be a bit veiny. 
(Plus it doesn't help I was overweight for many years)

Stacy and Clinton on "What Not To Wear" say that women over 35 
shouldn't wear mini skirts.
I kinda agree. 
Yet when you wear short skirts with the tights, 
 it doesn't seem to draw a lot of attention to the length of the skirt.
  Some women my age have fabulous legs and can get away with wearing short skirts, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they should... 
For me, at my age, I'm thinking I want to be a bit more modest.

What do you think?
What age do you think women should stop wearing minis?

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