DIY Gazebo With Shade {My Gazebo Got Sunglasses}

We love to eat dinner out on our patio,
but it isn’t very fun with the sun blazing in your eyes!
I have been wracking my brain for the best solution
and of course the cheapest!

I looked at getting blinds for it, or some sorta roller shade.
But they weren’t cheap and I didn’t know how I would attach them to the poles.

As I was looking, I checked out Target, where I bought my gazebo.
They had these sunshades you could attach to the sides. 
I thought they would be perfect!
I ordered 2 of them.  Plus they were on sale for 29.99 each.
When they arrived, I realized they had a ton of little tie thingys
that I was going to have to tie onto the poles.

Well, that looked dorky.  Plus I’d have to untie a bunch to “roll”
them up.  Not really liking this grand idea….
So, they sat in the garage.
And sat and sat.

Then it hit me!
I have the “curtains” that came with the gazebo. 
I never really used them. 
You know the ones, to keep out mosquitos.
I thought, “What if I gave those curtains sunglasses?’
It could work!
So, I went to the garage and picked up the sunshades and
rummaged around and found the gazebo curtains.

I laid the sunshade out on my floor

and laid the curtain on my table.

I measured the area that I was going to create the “sunglasses”.
I realized I could get the shade I wanted with only one of the sunshades!
Even cheaper!  I’ll be taking the other one back!

I cut the sunshade into quarters.

Then I pinned it to the sides first and then the top of the curtain. 
Basically, where the netting started.

I trimmed to fit, then folded the edge under and pinned.

Once the whole thing was pinned.  I awkwardly managed to sew it.
It was a ton of curtain to maneuver.
But the results were well worth it!
Then I realized I could have done this with some really cute fabric.
Well, probably not as cheap, because I would have needed outdoor fabric.
Oh well, this actually looks like they were made to be like this.  Nice!

Here’s a pic with them zipped.

See! No sun in the eyes!
They look so perfect!
And then when not in use, they just tie to the poles.

Neatly, mind you, not with a bunch of random tie thingys everwhere….
So there you have it.  I made sunglasses for my gazebo!
Now we can have dinners in lovely shade!

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  1. Great idea, Lori! That was such a creative solution to your sun problem. That looks like a lot a material to have to get over to your sewing machine... you have a lot of perserverance. I love the way it looks when you don't need the "sunglasses"...almost invisible. I saw the weather forcast for this coming weekend...I think you are going to need those sunglasses with the high heat.

    1. Miss Kitty! Thank you so much! You are always so encouraging!! High heat? I'll be staying inside or in the pool!

  2. This is so clever! I will have to give it a try for my mother's gazebo.


    1. Thank you, Sabrina! I hope it works out just a easy for your mom!

  3. What a fantastic idea, Lori! It looks great. Megan

    1. Hi Megan! Thanks! Most of my projects lately seem to be out of necessity.... But it works!!

  4. This is awesome! Brilliant idea and I think curtains outdoors are so elegant. I want to come over and have coffee with you...wish we lived closer!!!

    1. Thanks, Janis! You are the best! I wish you could come over for coffee too!!

  5. Wow! That was a lot of work, but it looks great! New follower! I have a blog too, please check it out!

    1. Oh, it really wasn't that much work. It was just a big piece of stuff to work with... hahaha! Thanks for stopping by and for following!! :D

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mary! I love them! We just had a wicked storm go through and it literally shredded my gazebo top! I'll be ordering another from Target... :/

  7. how do you like your gazebo from target? i'm having a hard time finding a nice one that doesn't cost HUNDREDS of dollars!

    1. Hi! Yes, I do really like it. I've had it for about 5 years or so... Now we've been through a couple of tops for it. The storms here are crazy, but it's held up pretty well! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. What a great idea..I have a gazebo in my yard that I can not find a replacement canopy for..tried EVERYTHING..I was told it was discontinued..sorry..I don't have the money to replace the whole thing (only 3 years old and it cost us $800. I was looking to hang curtains or something from it to atleast make it look nice for this summer..ANY ideas?? I could use some help

    1. Well, I think hanging curtains would be a great idea. I'm struggling with my canopy also. It seems to keep ripping every year, and I really don't want to keep replacing it. We are actually looking at installing something more permanent. But I still want curtains to block out the sun. Wish I could be more help.


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