July Is Flying By

I can't believe that July is more than half way over!
I convinced myself to do the July Photo-A-Day Challenge.  
I have absolutely LOVED doing it.
I'm not the greatest at remembering to take pictures.
I figured this would help me take more pictures and work on some much needed photography skills.
I'm going to share a few of my favorites so far this month.
I took this one in my backyard.

I love this one!  I discovered that blue really is my favorite color!

On a side note....
Today we finally received some much needed rain, and of course, I got stuck in Lowes at the time. Now, we aren't talking a little shower.  
How about a torrential downpour!
I couldn't wait for it to end, so I made a beeline for the van. Need I say more? I think you might be imagining a cat that slipped into the bathtub, coming out soaked, shaking the dripping water off her paws.  Nice, right?
My shoes and socks were drenched, clothes, hair.
Of course, I'm more concerned about keeping my phone dry...
On my way back to the apartments, the streets are flooding and water is spraying all around me as I plow through the enormous lakes down the street. It was actually kinda fun.  ;) After arriving at the apartments, I step out into the river flowing down the street.  
The normal trip to Lowes turned into quite an adventure.
Of course, I'm at the apartments!
That's where I go almost everyday!
I know! The whole apartment thing is getting old.
Believe me, I really KNOW! But I truly believe I'm going to be done in about a week! Like, really done! The kind of done, where I can actually finish the 101 projects I've already started around the house!
I don't think you quite understand the joy joy feelings I'm experiencing!!
It's amazing!

But, let's get back to some more of my favorites pics so far this month.  If you want to see them all check them out on my Facebook Page.
I love this one! My "future" niece is going to be pulling her 6 mos. old niece in this wagon.  It's going to be so adorable at my brother's wedding this Sunday!

I worked hard for this one.  I wanted the sun to hit the cup at the left corner.  I didn't realize I was going to get a bonus with the mini rainbow in the right bottom corner! I took about 25 shots to get this one right.  But look at it! Ahhh!!!!
I have to throw one more in.  I didn't take it, my daughter did.  She's on a missions trip right now and she picked up these beautiful conches.  
I love the color combinations!
 Take some pics and have a Blessed Day!


  1. Lori, I wish I could tell you how I managed to stumble across your blog, but I can't. :( Just luck I guess - but anyway I love it! Can't wait to see what you do next and I love that you are doing the Photo A Day Challenge. July was my first month. I have missed a couple of days, but I am determined to make them up before the month is over...what fun! Proud to be your newest follower....have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Jules!! I'm so glad you found me!! Thank you so much! I've kinda missed a few days lately myself, but I lost my phone and just got a new one... so I'm working on it! Good to hear from you! Thanks for following!


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