May 25, 2012

Kitty Toilets :D {DIY Litter Box}

Yes, I'm really going to discuss Kitty Toilets.
 Especially in light of yesterday's post where 
 I referred to 

I truly am not looking forward to next week, 
but it needs to be attacked and done with!
Back to Kitty Toilets

We have had kitties for over the last 15 years, 
and I have tried all sorts of kitty toilets.
From litter tray liners to the sifting kind. 
We had the one with the big lid on top to give
them some privacy.
One of my kitties from long ago 
had a problem with "missing".

I don't really want to go into detail, 
but it wasn't fun and the smell. ACK!
I'm thinking of the gas chamber....
Are you getting the idea?
Thank God we always kept the kitty toilet
 in the basement.

I invented the easiest solution of all!
I have been using this DIY Kitty Toilet for
over 2 years now and it's 
the best one I've EVER had!

It contains it all, no leaks, no misses, 
and so easy to clean!

It's basically a storage bin.
Fancy, huh?!
But it works so well! 

Basically, all I did was use a ruler and a Sharpie
to mark the opening.
Then I just used a regular box knife and cut out the square.

You need to leave at least 6 inches from the bottom, so you can have a nice thick layer of litter.

I just use a regular kitty scooper to clean it out.
I know this was an uncomfortable topic for some of you, but you made it through.

This has made my life so much easier!
And maybe yours too! 

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Lori -thestonybrookhouse
Lori -thestonybrookhouse

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