DIY Sliding Coffee Tray

I questioning whether I'm a bit ADHD lately! 
I feel like I have about 100 projects going and none of them are even close to be finished.  Ugh! Well, not a 100 probably more like 10, 
but I'm feeling like I'm all over the place. 
Things will settle down and I will be able to focus and get these projects finished!  I will!
BUT for now.....
I had to do this project truly out of necessity!
I just couldn't take it anymore.  
You know when something is driving you nuts and you get to the point
 where you just HAVE to do something about it.

Well, that's what happened to me....

If you know me even just a little bit, you will know that I LOVE coffee. 
   I bought this awesome coffee pot a couple of years ago.  It's one of those metal thermal pots.  Which is perfect because we have broken so many coffee pots and this one is unbreakable!  
  I really love my coffee pot, so that's not whats bugging me. 
This is the problem....

 When we built our house we picked out these beautiful granite counter tops.  
And when you make coffee, you have to pull out the coffee pot in order to put the water in, right? 
Well, when I pull or push mine back and forth it jumps and spits and tips and makes a huge mess, because the little rubber pads on the bottom GRIP the counter like suction cups! 
I mean really.... 
Have you ever had a coffee pot run away or slip off the counter?!! I haven't.
So, I have to actually pick up the whole thing and set it back and forth.  
This is NOW getting old... 

I've been doing this for 2 years and I just had enough! 
Why did it take me so long to think of a solution? 
I don't care, but I have one today!!

I made a coffee tray! This is perfect! It works amazing!

All I did was transform a picture frame into a coffee tray.
I found this cool looking frame in the basement. (FREE!)
I painted it my fav.... Heirloom white. 
Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the frame before... 
Oh, well.

Then, I got my Martha stencils out again, and the green paint I used on my Easter sign.  

I stenciled some more of my old sheet that I used in the DIY Disaster
I love using stuff I already have!

  I needed feet on the bottom of the frame, so it would S L I D E..... 
That's the whole reason of this project!!
I went to hubby's workbench and rummaged around and found those feety things that go on the bottom of chairs to make them slide on carpet.  
Perf! I hammered those in the corners.

Next, I needed to clean the glass. 

And... I just received some Fish Foam Glass cleaner.  

I thought I'd try it on that filthiness.
   Well? It worked beautifully! 
 I'll be working on a give away soon. (Yay!)

It was important that I seal the glass in the frame.  Just in case I spill,

 or God forbid the coffee pot overflows.  
So, I put a bead of silicone in the frame and dropped the glass in place.

Then I wrapped
the stenciled fabric around a piece of cardboard and taped  it up. 

I like the fact that I can change out the fabric if I get tired of it.
Next I just plopped it in the frame.  
I tried and tried to bend those frame staples to hold it all in. 

 Well, those flimsy things that are NOT looking real secure.  
Back to hubby's workbench.... 
 Looking for something to secure it better..... Hmmm.
I found washers and some baby screws. Perf! Again!

That glass isn't moving anywhere. 

Flip it over and Wa La!
 A beautiful coffee tray!
Check it out!
I am soooo LOVING it! 
It SLIDES sooo smoothly! 
Now, I'm looking for a small vintage looking drawer pull to finish it off!
 I am a happy camper!
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