Finally Finished!!

I'm going to say it again!

Finally Finished!!

I love that!  Don’t you get this great sense of accomplishment?
I know I do, especially when you’ve been
 working on something for almost 2 months.

If you want to check out the progress we've 
made, here are a few other posts on our apartments.
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So, I can say that one more apartment is completed.
Then one more to go….

Here are a few before and afters.
I thought you might like to see the finished product.
Amazing difference. 
The cabinets are still in great shape. 
I just took off the hardware, primed and painted.

You remember these??

I still can't believe what a difference!
Here's a view from the living room.

Here's the living room.  
We put a bit of tile by the
front door because of wet shoes and such.

Here's the bedroom.

Bathroom Before:

Bathroom After:
Pics aren't the best.... sorry...

The next apartment we have to start is even worse than this one was. 
I know it’s hard to believe, but it is true.

The next one I call the gas chamber,
No pics, because they won’t help.
It’s the smell.
It’s awful.
These tenants had 4 cats!
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kitties!
We even have one…
Isn’t she adorable?
Sweet, crazy Arwen.
Yep, that’s her name, for any of you Lord of the Rings fans…

We knew they had one, but not FOUR of them living
in a one bedroom apartment and I don’t think they were using the kitty boxes, if you get my meaning….

Which will lead me into another post for tomorrow….
I know, I shouldn’t say I’m going to write one tomorrow, but I will!  You’ll see!

So there you have it!  Ugh!
Next week I’m going to put on a gas mask and get down to it.
My wonderful daughter is going to be helping me too!
I’ve actually already pulled up most of the flooring,
but there is still more to be done.
We will probably have to replace some of the subfloor. Yay! NOT!
Oh, well
Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work we go…..
Wait…. I still have the rest of this week off! Double Yay!


  1. Great work-- I am sure you've made a nice home for your next tenants! The kitchen looks fresh and new.

    1. Thanks, Holly! Now we just need to find awesome tenants!!

    2. Good job, what an improvement. Good luck with the next one.

  2. I absolutely love your newly improved place. Great job!

    real estate ph

    1. Thanks so much! Praying we find the right tenants!


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