Building Skills 101 Class - Hanging Plant Stand

Hi everybody! It has been a busy month! We took a break from some indoor projects to work on a few outside ones before the weather turns cold.  And in between all of that I've had a couple of Building Skills 101 Classes.

Building Skills 101 Class - Hanging Plant Stand

I've held 2 Hanging Plant Stand classes.  They were so much fun!  And I think the ladies learned a lot from them. πŸ‘

In this class we discussed the benefits of pre-drilling, so that you don't split wood, and how to choose the correct drill bit size.  Then they all practiced pre-drilling. We also always go over safety procedures for all of the tools we will be using.

Because I had two classes, I will be sharing photos from both classes. 😊 And can I just say the weather was beautiful!

Building Skills Class Ready

The project was fairly simple using 2x4s, some scrap wood, wood glue, screws, a nail gun, a sander, a hook, and a finial.

Materials for this Hanging Planter Stand:
( I pre cut most of the pieces for the class, but I always leave a couple of cuts for the ladies to make.)

1 - 22" 2x4 (top)
1 - 19" 2x4 (bottom)
2 - 33" 2x4 (they each cut 2 pieces at 33" long for the sides of the box.)
2 - 26" 2x4 (base)
2 - 12" 1x2 ('feet' - scrap I had on hand)
1 - final (top decor piece)

Planter 2x4 Pieces

First, they all cut their 2 - 33" side pieces.  We needed to do that before we lost our daylight. 😎

Using miter saw

Can I just say how proud I am of all the ladies that I've taughtπŸ’—... not one of them has declined to use the miter saw!  I've always given them the option, in case they don't feel comfortable.  But every single one of them, whether they were nervous or not, went for it! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Then I showed them my new sander! 😍😍😍 And showed them the difference between an orbital sander and a square palm sander.  Loving my new Dewalt Orbital Sander. I think they did too!

Using Sander

After making their cuts, they made the 'box' first. Attaching the top to the sides, then the bottom piece.

Working together making the 'box' portion

I love how everybody works so well together! That's part of the goal is to build relationships!

Team building

You can see how focused they are! πŸ‘

Using a drill

Next they build the base of the stand, by glueing the 26" boards together and attaching the feet to keep them together.

Using a nail gun to secure feet to base

Once that was complete, they attached the base to the 'box'.  You can see here their new pre-drilling skill. πŸ‘

Pre-drilling skill

Lastly, they attached the hook and finial on top. (Some chose the finial and some did not)

Ta Da!! Loved working with all these ladies!!

Teaching these Building Skills Classes have truly been a blessing to me.  It's pushed me outside of my comfort zone, helped me to build relationships and increased my confidence. 😊


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