Quick And Cozy Crocheted Garland

I just had to share this quick and EASY garland with you all!

Quick And Cozy Crocheted Garland

Seriously, this is so easy! All you have to know is how to crochet a chain. If you don't know how, it's so simple.  Here's a YouTube video you can watch. How To Chain Crochet

This is the perfect little project to do while you are relaxing at night watching a movie or some TV.  First, let me show you how sweet it looks on our Christmas tree. ❤️ Yeah, I know... I need to paint the 'peace' sign.  It just didn't happen yet.  But I love how simple cozy the crochet garland looks.

Cozy Crocheted Garland

Cozy Crocheted Garland Closeup

Cozy Crocheted Garland Closeup

So, let me show you how quick and easy this is, so you can make one for your cozy Christmas tree.

I used a N crochet hook and white yarn.  I crocheted super long chains.  You don't have to do one super long one.  You can do it in sections.  Because all you have to do it tie them together! No big deal.

Crochet Chains

Next, you will need a Q crochet hook.  It's the really big one. Tie your chains together.  Then you will begin to crochet, but you have a couple of options here.  If you want a thinner chain like I did on our tree, you just chain crochet 1 chain with the Q hook.

Crochet 1 chain

If you want it thicker, (like I originally wanted, but didn't have time to complete) you can crochet 2 chains into one chain.  Like this...

Crochet 2 chains

You can see that I didn't tie the chains together yet.  All you have to do is knot the ends, snip the extra and continue crocheting.

Crochet 2 chains

I just love how the 2 chains crocheted together look. So, after Christmas, I will be unraveling my single chain garland and re-crochet it with 2 chains for next year. 😊


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