Powder Room Problems and Inspiration

Hi guys!! After all the crazies that's been going on, I decided I NEEDED to get my hands deep into a project.  So... as weird as this sounds, most of the time my projects are a result of...

'What's driving me crazy?' or 'What's bothering me the most?'

Not your typical reasons for starting a project.  But it works, at least for me...  Now, with the holidays right around the corner, which just scared the crap out of me realizing that Christmas is 8 weeks away!!! 😳  I have no idea if I'll get any other  house projects in.  We shall see.

Okay, back to the powder room.  If you've been following me for awhile, you might remember that I did a powder room makeover about 5 years ago.  Don't get me wrong, it looks WAAAYYY better than it did... You can see for yourself or check out my old post, Powder Room Before & After.

Powder Room 5 yrs ago

So, why am I doing it again? Ugh, because the 'old me' never finished it!  I painted the stripes, wallpapered the up to the chair rail, made a new mirror, new light fixture, etc. But it wasn't finished.... I never made shelves, or decorated the space at all.  Fast forward to today, I don't like it at all anymore, plain and simple...

There are a couple of other reasons too...  I'm over the stripes, at first I was just going to tone them down, but that was going to be a MUCH bigger job than my patience could stand.  Lining up that painters tape perfectly on the existing line, was going to make me blow a gasket! 🤯 Nope! No can do!  So, the stripes had to go!

Powder Room Stripes

Second, that beadboard wallpaper was a paintable 'foam' kind of paper.  It was weird, but it was wwaaaayyy too easy to knick and scratch.  That drove me nuts!  Just cleaning around the sink, my nails made all these little knicks in it.  Done with it! 😑

knicks in wallpaper

Lastly, I made what I'll call a mathematical dumb mistake! I didn't take into consideration the height of the light switch AND  the one outlet and how they compared to one another and ended up with the chair rail right at the bottom edge of the light switch.  Of course, that was one of the last pieces I installed and wasn't about to take off all the trim to correct it.  So, I left it and it's driven me crazy ever since! 😫

Trim Issues

Those issues were enough incentive to do another Powder Room Makeover!  Plus after finishing our Master Bedroom Makeover, hubby and I realized how much we like that simple style.

Sooooo, here we go!  You've seen the before, so now here is some of our inspiration.... You can go to my Pinterest Board to see all of the photos.


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