Easy DIY Floral Lavender Pots

Spring is in the air... well, somewhere it is.... just not here, since we are getting snow dumped on us as I write... Ugh!!! So, here's a project to brighten my day and hopefully yours!🌸

Easy Floral Lavender Pots

These are super simple! I shared the process on Instastories while I was making them.  I don't know why, but I am addicted to Instastories....  I guess, some of the people I follow seem 'real' to me.  They share their lives, all the ups and downs.... It seems more real life, not just all the "Pinterest Perfection".  Yeah?

Sooooo, what I did was pieced all of my Instastories together into a little 2 minute video for you, so you can see how easy it was to make these sweet little lavender floral pots. 💕

These little pots were so quick and easy to put together and I love that I can just pull them out of the pots and store them for next spring, or put them in another pot.  Oh, the possibilities!!

With just a few supplies you can make some too!

Little pots - they could be terracotta, plastic, ceramic, galvanized... any kind.
Styrofoam balls
Spanish moss
Lavender stems
Greenery stems

With a little greenery....

Greenery and Lavender Stems

A little pot, styrofoam and Spanish moss....

Pots with styrofoam ball and moss

You get this little adorable Floral Lavender Pot!

Adorable Floral Lavender Pot

Aren't they the cutest??  I ended up putting both of them in my kitchen window... trying to force spring and summer to get here. 😎

Easy Floral Lavender Pots


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