March 22, 2018

Easy DIY Floral Lavender Pots

Spring is in the air... well, somewhere it is.... just not here, since we are getting snow dumped on us as I write... Ugh!!! So, here's a project to brighten my day and hopefully yours!🌸

Easy Floral Lavender Pots

These are super simple! I shared the process on Instastories while I was making them.  I don't know why, but I am addicted to Instastories....  I guess, some of the people I follow seem 'real' to me.  They share their lives, all the ups and downs.... It seems more real life, not just all the "Pinterest Perfection".  Yeah?

Sooooo, what I did was pieced all of my Instastories together into a little 2 minute video for you, so you can see how easy it was to make these sweet little lavender floral pots. πŸ’•

These little pots were so quick and easy to put together and I love that I can just pull them out of the pots and store them for next spring, or put them in another pot.  Oh, the possibilities!!

With just a few supplies you can make some too!

Little pots - they could be terracotta, plastic, ceramic, galvanized... any kind.
Styrofoam balls
Spanish moss
Lavender stems
Greenery stems

With a little greenery....

Greenery and Lavender Stems

A little pot, styrofoam and Spanish moss....

Pots with styrofoam ball and moss

You get this little adorable Floral Lavender Pot!

Adorable Floral Lavender Pot

Aren't they the cutest??  I ended up putting both of them in my kitchen window... trying to force spring and summer to get here. 😎

Easy Floral Lavender Pots

The Stonybrook House
The Stonybrook House

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