Cozumel - Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Thirty years?? How is that possible? It seems like I'm always saying how fast time flies... it just won't stop.  We felt that 30 years was something to celebrate! So true, right?! And we had the best time celebrating!!

Cozumel - Our 30th Wedding Anniversary

I will admit, I was a touch nervous about going.... I mean I've never really travelled outside of the US.  I don't think that Tijuana really counts... and that was over 20+ years ago.  But once we landed and were checked into the resort, all nervousness disappeared.

Cozumel - ocean view

That view was perfect. Now this wasn't the view from our room.  We were actually in a little bungalow with more of a tropical forest view.

Cozumel - coffee view

The resort was spectacular. It was an all inclusive, including room, food, beverages and best of all excursions!  Everyday we had an excursion we could go on.  We did every single one of them.  Soooo much fun!

We did a Jeep Tour of the island, a bus trip to Punta Sur, a boat ride to snorkel, a kayak trip and another snorkeling trip.


The sights were amazing! That's me snorkeling! I didn't even know hubby took that picture. 😊

We had the time of our lives.  The people and the food was amazing!  I mean seriously... This was my view for breakfast almost everyday!  Spoil me rotten!!  And I was able to have fruit I haven't had in years!!  Guava was a childhood favorite!

Beach Breakfast

A couple of days before we left for this fantastic trip, hubby says, "I can't wait for long walks on the beach..."  I was....😳😳😳    Um.... Honey,  the place we are staying isn't quite like that.... It's more of a coral reef area...  I hope you're going to like it....

Cozumel snorkeling

Let's just say that after the first day snorkeling.... Hubby tells me, "This is better than any beach any day!" 💕   YAY!! 🙌

We had so much fun snorkeling! It took me a bit to get my courage and confidence up, but I did and thoroughly enjoyed myself! 

Look at the photo... we could snorkel all the way to the pier and all the way out to the buoys, plus there was even more to the right of the photo.  It was an adventure everyday.  Hubby was able to get some video, but it all needs to be edited.  The fish were spectacular.  I felt like I was in a salt water aquarium.

We say two 8 foot eagle rays, come swimming into the cove and did a circle and swam back out.  Whoa! I was a bit nervous.... but not as nervous and when I saw this next fish....

We were out snorkeling by the buoys, so we were way out there, and hubby was nearby... I glanced to my left and saw a large fish... at least 4 foot long.  At first, I thought it was a shark!  I panicked and thought wait, it doesn't quite look like a shark... nope, it was a barracuda!  Just as scary in my book!

So, I take off swimming for 'shore'.  I'm full on as fast as I can.  I'm a chicken, guys...  Hubby notices that I took off swimming and caught up to me and asked what's wrong?  I told him what I saw. 

He said jokingly, "Oh, so you just leave me out there!  Why didn't you tell me?  I want to see it!"

I said, "Sorry, honey, every man for himself.  Besides, I knew even if I told you, you wouldn't have left.  You'd go and follow it!" 

We laughed about it and sure enough, he went back out there to go see if he could find it.  He did and was so happy! 

Happy 30 years!  We are so very thankful to God.  If it weren't for Him in the center of our marriage, we would have never made it through all the hills and valleys.  Marriage is fantastic, but it can be tough.  During those tough times is where God strengthens us and bonds us together even more.  In this day and age, it seems couples just want to give up.  They don't want to put the work in.  But the work is so worth it.

Happy 30 year Anniversary!

Today, some people just think of what they 'deserve'.  Mike and I like to turn that around to 'I serve'.  If we both serve each other 9 times out of 10 we get more than we deserve.  I love serving my husband and he in turn loves to serve me.  It's worked pretty good for 30 years now.  😍

Cozumel trip

We were sad to leave this beautiful island.  We made some fantastic memories and met some terrific people...  until next time....

Cozumel 2018

I'll leave you with a bit more eye candy! 🙌

Panoramic view of the 'beach' area

The water was so clear.  This is the snorkeling reef.

Cozumel - iguana

We saw this guy outside our room daily.  We named him Fred. 😊

 Cozumel - fish tacos
Yummy fish tacos on the beach.

Cozumel - Punta Sur
This was the view from the Punta Sur Lighthouse we climbed.

Just another day on the beach...

Sunset Cozumel
What beauty! Thank you, Lord!



  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like a fabulous trip.

    1. It was amazing! Seriously, the best trip ever! Thanks for stopping by!! :)


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