The Story Of The Mint Bag

The Story Of The Mint Bag

The mint bag was my mother's creation...  She was famous for her little mint bag.  If you were ever in need of a mint or a piece of gum, just check with my mom.  She'd pull out her little mint bag for you.

The Story Of The Mint Bag

This is The Story Of The Mint Bag...

My mother wasn't one to enjoy unpleasantries... Yes, that's a nice way to put it... unpleasantries...

When we moved her out to Pennsylvania from California, she wasn't used to 'farm smells'. When we would pass a farm that may have just spread manure, she would have a fit!  She'd dig out a tissue from her purse and spray some sort of (awful) perfume on it and hold it up to her nose!!! 😂 😆 😂  We'd all be dying from the overspray and smell of the perfume!! 😂 😆 (She was a bit of a drama queen... can't imagine where I got it from 😉 )

Another unpleasantry... commercials. She couldn't stand them! Every time they would come one, she would mute the TV.  Every. single. time.

One more unpleasantry... Say your sitting in church and you start to hear 'crinkle, crinkle, crinkle' of someone unwrapping a mint or the shaking of a tic tac box.... My mother would whip her head around and give 'the look' ... 😳  That drove her nuts! 😂  It's easy to laugh about it now! These sort of 'unpleasantries' were the worst in her book.

Her solution... the mint bag. It's actually genius! She had a little bag that she would unwrap or shake out mints or gum into, zip it up and drop it in her purse.

The Story Of The Mint Bag

During church service, she would pull her little bag out and it would get passed around for everyone and anyone who wanted to take a mint. I seriously think it would go down a row or two!! 😊

Even after church, little kiddos would come up to her and ask for a mint. She always made sure it was full  for the little ones.

This continued for years and years.... my kiddos were well familiar with the infamous mint bag.

My mother passed away from cancer in 2007 and my sister really wanted her mint bag. 😊  Which was fine! But that's when I decided I wanted a mint bag of my own. 

I think momma would be proud. 

The Story Of The Mint Bag

I am now on my third bag... The first one I lost on a flight and never recovered it. 

The last one had seen better days and I was almost embarrassed to bring it out.  So, it was time for a new one.  I've been looking for awhile, but couldn't find the right size.

The Story Of The Mint Bag

I can sew pretty well, so I decided to make my next one.  I used this tutorial if you are interested.  I figured I didn't need to create a tutorial when someone else already did!

I just found a couple of other tutorials that I like even better!! I just may have to make some more mint bags! Christmas presents! You can check out My Pinterest Board if you like!

The new mint bag was a cinch to make, it only took about 15 minutes.

And there you have it... a simple but genius solution. Love you, momma! 💕

The Story Of The Mint Bag


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