A New Rustic Bench!

Hubby started this bench well over 10 years ago....

bench before
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He was planning on making it a bench for a piano we had at our old house. Well, as you can see it didn't get finished. We ended up moving, and the piano was too old and too heavy to move, so it stayed. The new owners were happy to have it. 😊

I'm going to share how I turned this into a beautiful

Rustic bench!

Rustic bench

Would you look at the detail in this rustic wood? It's beautiful! I love all the "insect damage". (It's perfectly fine now.

This wood was given to us by a friend, it was part of a barn. It's chestnut wood and you can't find that around anymore. This wood is not stained... that's its natural beautiful color.

Chestnut wood

I've been wanting to finish it for a couple of years now,  and decided now was the time. Well... I actually finished it around Thanksgiving of last year and I'm just getting around to telling you about it. I figured now was a good time as any, since I'm recovering from my shoulder surgery and all...😊

Since Hubby had already put together the base, I just had to build the top for it.  It wasn't quite big enough.  I wanted it to overhang just a bit. So, I used a 1x1 to frame it out.

Frame for top

Then I stained the frame and glued it together.  By the way... those corner clamps are awesome!

Stain and glue frame

Next up, I glued the slats to the edge of the frame.

Glue slats

And clamped them down using these awesome clamps! We use those clamps for practically everything we build!

Clamping bench top together

To secure them I also nailed around the complete edge.

Nailing bench top together

Bench top

That top is looking pretty good. If you can't tell, that huge sheet of plywood is what we built our nativity scene out of. You can check it out, if you want. 

Build An Outdoor Nativity Scene

It came out pretty cool! We're hoping to add pieces to it this year.

Now I had to decide about the legs. I went back-and-forth trying to decide whether I wanted them to match, or have a darker stain, or paint them white. I tried the stain, I didn't really like it. And I didn't like the idea of the whole being the same color.

Trying stain on the legs

So white they were. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures while I painted them, but I think you get the idea. Two coats of primer, 2 coats of  paint. Its pretty easy!

This  next part, is one of the most important. I wanted to make sure that this bench could hold any amount of weight. I secured it by placing three 2 x 4's underneath and nailing them in on the sides and from the top. I just used scrap that I had hanging around in the garage.

Strengthening the top

And there you have it! Beautiful new bench. It sits by my back patio door for jackets, purses and extra seating. Its perfect!

New Rustic Bench

I really like the contrast of the white and the wood and the detail of the legs shows up nicely.

Bench leg detail

One more look...
New Rustic Bench



  1. This turned out beautiful, Lori. I love it

  2. how tall is it? looks high for bench, or may be im just short. lol

    1. It probably is a little tall... It was supposed to be for a piano... but we are tall people in our house, so it works out just fine :)

  3. Lori This is awesome. What was the previous life of the legs? Great job!


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