Simple Easy DIY Kitty Bed

(Updated 4.22.22)

Simple Easy DIY Kitty Bed

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This is such a simple project! I'm going to show you how easy it is!

Simple Easy DIY Kitty Bed

This is our sweet little Arwen, she is around 13 years old. If you follow me on Instagram you definitely have seen lots photos of her. She is one of a kind...

Comfy Arwen?

She finds this comfortable? But hey, she likes to eat spider webs, too! Yeah... like I said one of a kind, but we love her!

It's important to us to make sure she is pampered and well taken care of, especially since she's hitting her sunset years...

Lately, she has been spending a lot of time by the back patio doors.

Silly kitty

Sunshine pours through those windows and she enjoys watching the birds. The only thing that kinda stinks, is that she sheds tons of pet hair on that rug. Which of course she's going to do, she's a cat, right? But what if I made something comfy for her to lay in? It might just keep my rug a bit cleaner. That would be a win for her and a win for me!

Arwen (Cat) in a box

Most cats love cardboard boxes. I have no idea why, but Arwen loves them, too. That would make the perfect cheap and easy bed.

But I want to make it look prettier than an ugly brown box on the floor! So, I went to the basement searching for something... I found some leftover wallpaper from my Powder Room Makeover and an old board that I can cut down to the size of the box, to use as a base. I needed some sort of feet... I found these little cabinet base feet at my local home improvement store.

Kitty Bed Supplies

I grabbed some spray paint and I was set! I gave the box a quick coat of Rustoleum spray paint. 

Spray paint box and base board

Then I glued the wallpaper around the edge and let it dry. While that was drying, I cut the base board down to the size of the box. A few simple cuts with the table saw, and we were done. Then a quick coat of spray paint.

Glue wallpaper around box

Next, I cut the feet down to the size I wanted, then I flipped the base board over and glued the feet on with Liquid Nails. (Don't you like the scrap I found? Hey, whatever works, right?)

Glued feet onto the base board

The top of the wallpaper needed to be glued down. It was quicker just to use a glue gun for that.

Using Glue gun to secure top edge

I secured the box to the baseboard with a simple tiny screw, just so it wouldn't move around. To finish the bed, I added a soft towel for comfort, plus it will be easy to toss it into the wash when it needs cleaning.

Kitty Bed Complete

I think she's pretty happy. In fact, she looks like she's about ready to take a snooze. Oh, the life of a kitty....

Happy kitty

Sleeping kitty in DIY bed

Simple Easy DIY Kitty Bed

Thanks for reading!

Update... Sorry to inform but Arwen is no longer with us. She passed in May, 2020. She was a wonderful cat and is missed so very much.

Simple Easy DIY Kitty Bed

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