My Life Story ~ Saying Goodbye

Uhaul Truck to move to PA
Hi y'all! I don't know what's with me lately... I just have a hard time sitting down long enough to write. Not that I don't want to. I guess I'm feeling the fall/holiday crunch. 

There's only so much more time until the winter cold sets in and and when that happens most outdoor or even garage projects will be put on hold until the spring thaw. It's just the way it is here. So anyway....

The last installment I wrote was more than a month ago...  😏  

So, if you don't remember or you're just joining in you can read all of the chapters I've written.  Here's a link to them.

My Life Story

But, if you do remember... I had just delivered our precious little bundle of joy. 
Mom and Dad with baby
Who by the way, just turned 26!! What??? Time is flying by way toooooo fast! Hang on to the time you have with your little ones! And would you look at Hubby, he was so hip rockin' that mullet! 😊

Here are a few precious photos of that first year. Omg!!! Wasn't he just adorable??
Our bundle of joy

I just have to put this one in here too... This is Grandma Rose holding her sweet great- grandson.  I love the contrast of her aged hands and his tiny little ones.  Precious.... She is in heaven now, but I will always treasure this photo. 

Grandma Rose with her great grandbaby

We were loving our new little family and definitely enjoying all the ups and downs of being new parents, yet, were struggling financially. Remember, I told you about Mike working 2 jobs... California is not the cheapest place to live, that's for sure. We were praying asking God for direction and wisdom. We knew He would take care of us, we just wanted His will.

Mike and I dreamed about moving out of the city and had talked about it at length, even before we were married. We just wanted out of the hustle and bustle. There were just way too many people, cars, smog, the houses were on top of each other. There was too much violence, gangs, etc. This wasn't where we wanted to raise our children. We both grew up in the city and it was just getting worse and worse. We wanted out....

Slowly, but surely, it seemed God was giving us some direction. 

Remember, back in Life After The Honeymoon, where I went and visited my sister and her family in Pennsylvania? What? Pennsylvania... that's a long way from California... I don't think that was what we had in mind. Not that we had anyplace in mind, but that's on the other side of the country! But this direction seemed like something we couldn't ignore. We had to do something, we couldn't keep going on like this. 

We figured we had nothing to lose by checking out the job situations in PA. So, we had my sister send us a couple of newspapers. Yeah...This was before internet, it wasn't like we could just hop on the computer and check it all out... crazy, right?

There were so many job opportunities for CDL drivers. We were shocked! Who knew that the east coast had such a huge trucking industry? We didn't, but God did. As we contemplated this HUGE move, peace came over us. We weren't anxious or nervous. It was like it was meant to be. God is so faithful.

We made the decision...We were going to move out of California across the country to Pennsylvania. What???!! It was a complete leap of faith.

We didn't have a job, a home or anything. The only thing we did know was, that God was giving us peace... that peace that passes all understanding. He would provide. The only other thing we knew, was that we could stay with my sister and her family until we got on our feet.

It was crazy.  I'm sure people thought we were crazy. Our family... well, some supported our decision and some didn't. That was tough. But we couldn't deny what was in our hearts, that we were doing exactly what God wanted us to do. Obedience isn't always easy, but when you know in your "knower" that you are following God's plan, you just can't say no. We were not going to say no. We were and still are Christ followers, so that means we follow Christ where ever He takes us. Even if it sounds crazy... but it didn't to us, it sounded and felt like we were following our dreams.

All of this took place over the course of a year. Mike and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. 😍

3 year wedding anniversary

We had our little bundle dedicated to The Lord, with the same pastor that married us. That was special to us.

Baby Dedication

Since we weren't going to be here in CA, for our little bundle of joy's first birthday. We decided to throw an early one year birthday party for him. 

Baby's first birthday cake

Baby boy's 1st birthday party

Whoa! This pic is precious because you can see our love, but those outfits are killing me!! 😂😂😂 Some serious fashion statements!

We invited family and friends. It was also kind of like a goodbye party as well. So many emotions...peace, sadness, joy, and excitement!

As the time got closer, we started packing and getting rid of stuff. Whew, packing again... You'd think I'd be used to it by now. But this time, it wasn't just moving across town, it was so much different!

Don't get me wrong, this was exciting, but still hard at the same time. We were going to miss our family. My mom and grandmother, Mike's parent's, brothers and friends. We were going to miss out on all the fun things you celebrate with family and friends... Holidays, birthdays, fun family events, get togethers with friends. That's what happens... it's just going to be different. But a good different because of that peace we had. It always came back that peace.

The date was set. We were leaving the last week of September. We should arrive the first week of October. Happy birthday to me. 😊

We rented a Uhaul and packed it all up. My mom and grandma were so helpful getting us set to go. 

That was a fun day! Mom and grandma were trying to spend as much time with their precious grandbaby and us...

We turned our back for a minute and found him on the patio eating grass...

My mom and grandma were such a huge help! They bathed that messy boy and got him already to go! Here we are... last picture before we go! Wow... what an attractive photo.. NOT! 😜 

Moving to Pennsylvania

We left California with everything we owned and our little buddy sitting in his car seat between us. We look like babies...what were we thinking? Maybe it was better this way. We were willing to take a risk. Go on an adventure. It would be harder today, we are a bit more set in our ways...

We had no idea what was in store... What did God have planned for us? Where was Mike going to work? Where would we live? Would we make friends? Would we make it?

Peace. His amazing peace flooded our hearts and minds. He would take care of us, He would take care of everything. We just had to be obedient. That's what it always boils down to. He's in charge and we follow.

So we said Goodbye to California... from the west coast to the east coast. Pennsylvania here we come!

Thanks for reading!


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