How To Make A Super Fluffy Rag Wreath

Updated 8.20.20
Super Fluffy Rag Wreath

My first attempt at a rag wreath didn't come out nearly as good as I was hoping.... It was a skinny fluffy, not big round and fluffy.

How To Make A Super Fluffy Rag Wreath

So I'm going to show you how I made a 

Super Fluffy Rag Wreath

How To Make A Super Fluffy Rag Wreath

After some trial and error, I got it down! I'll go over the 2 techniques I tried and which one worked for me.

But, can we just check out this wood plank wall??  I love it!  You can see the whole process here at,  How To Plank A Wall Easy & Cheap!

It's pretty much looked like this for awhile. πŸ˜’ I just couldn't figure out what I wanted.

Completed Blank Plank Wall

Except at Christmas, it looked so pretty!! 😍😍😍 

Plank Wall at Christmas

Sorry, that was the ONLY photo I could find.... But if you want to know how I made that awesome shelf, click on over to How To Build Super Easy Floating Shelves.

Anyway... I finally decided to made a rag wreath. I liked the farmhouse rustic feel. 

I purchased a 24 inch wire wreath form and also bought about 6 yards of white muslin fabric. I picked those supplies at Hobby Lobby, using my 40% coupon, of course! I paid about $10 for this wreath! Deal!!

Rag Wreath Supplies

Then I ripped the muslin into 1 inch strips and cut them in different lengths, ranging from 6-8 inches long, so that I'd get an uneven fluffy look.  

I looked at everything I could find on making a rag wreath and decided to try one of the tying methods I found... but it turned out like this... skinny fluffy. Then I looked again and found another tying method and BAM!! Super Fluffy!

Comparison of fluffy rag wreath

Seriously! The difference was unbelievable. I had tried hanging it up on the wall, and I did NOT like it skinny. No way! I didn't want a wreath that looked puny. I wanted big and super fluffy!

Let me show you the different tying methods. The one on the left was the first skinny rag wreath method. If that's what you want for your wreath, try that one. It was faster and used A LOT less material. Basically, you tied the strip around two wires and alternated between the 4 wire rings. It went pretty quick.

Rag wreath tying methods

The one on the right is the SUPER fluffy tying method. It's more time consuming and uses more fabric, but it's sooooo worth it!!

Super Fluffy tying method

You use the same strips, but you fold one in half, loop it around one of the wires and pull the ends through the loop, then tighten. I would pull on each end alternately, that way they were never perfectly even.

Tie the strips around and round each wire ring, and there are 4 of them that make up the entire wreath. I worked in sections, I believe there were 12 sections. This equals SUPER FLUFFY!

Comparison of fluffy rag wreath

As you can see, I had practically finished the wreath! But I wasn't satisfied with it at all, sooooooo... I untied every. single. strip and re-tied them. I wasn't sure I'd get it done before Thanksgiving, but I did. 😊 

So, it will be up for about a week before I take it down to decorate for Christmas. That's the way I roll....

It looks so nice and fluffy! I just love my coffee bar area.

Coffee Bar Super Fluffy Rag Wreath

I looks more like this now...

Coffee Bar 2020

So happy with my super fluffy rag wreath!

How To Make A Super Fluffy Rag Wreath



  1. I was trying to figure out the best technique! One wire or two! I just knew I wanted fluffy no matter what! Thank you!

  2. I love the super fluffy one but I am just wondering how long your strips were to receive that effect? Thanks!

    1. Hi! I can't believe I didn't have that in the post.... Sorry.... I just remeasured to make sure. I made them 8 inches long. πŸ‘

  3. Why not use this wreath into the winter/Christmas season? It would look great with some embellishments. Wire them on so you can remove them later. You put in too much work to hide it away.

  4. Hi Karen! Oh, that's a great idea. In fact, I did one year. I put a massive red bow on it and it looked so festive for Christmas! :) Blessings!


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