Painted Kitchen Cabinets ~ 1 Year Update

Painted Kitchen Cabinets - 1 year update
Hi everybody!! I can't believe it's been over a year since I painted my kitchen cabinets. I painted them last June.

Here's a nice before and after.
Before and After Painted Kitchen Cabinets
If you want to see the whole process, all of the ins and outs of building the extensions, board and batten, and paint used. Go ahead and check out the links below.

Kitchen Plans
Board & Batten 
Extending Cabinets To The Ceiling
Preparation Before Painting
Kitchen Cabinet Painting

So, I thought I'd give you an update on how they are holding up.

First of all, I am still in love with the colors I chose. I am not tired of the blue island. That was kind of a risky thing to do, but it just fits us!
Blue Painted Kitchen Island
I was feeling a bit snarky when I decided to do this post... As you can easily see, I refused to "clean up" the kitchen before the photo shoot. This is how we really live, people.  Those perfectly staged kitchens you see, are not real... people do not live that way!

So, I'm keepin it real for y'all. Yes, that is my crockpot left out from last night's dinner... the chili was excellent, by the way...

I have been super impressed with the quality of the paint we used. It looks fantastic and it has held up incredibly well. 
Painted Kitchen Cabinets
(Yep, we do dishes around here too. I left them out, so you could see.)

Now, let me remind you that I don't have any little kiddos running around. It's just hubs and I, but we do manage to bang things up here and there....

The only place I could find any "wear and tear", was on the one cabinet that probably gets opened at least 10 times a day... where our dishes are kept. It's the one right next to the microwave.
Painted Kitchen Cabinet Wear
You probably can't see it.... let me get you in a bit closer...
Close up of Painted Kitchen Cabinet Wear
It's really hard to see it, since it's so faint. The tiny little mark next to the knob. Yep, that's it.

There's only one more place, and I did it the morning I shot these pics. I banged a skillet on the underside of the cabinet... :P
Knick In Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Yeah, that stunk... Oh, well. But that's it!! These painted cabinets have held up beautifully!

The coffee bar area still isn't finished... I want to build cabinets under the desk area. It's never been used as a desk... 
Painted Kitchen Cabinets - Coffee Bar
Yep, I left all my cords out, just for you... and if you look carefully, you'll even see some spray paint cans. This is how we roll.

I still need to figure out something to put on that awesome plank wall. Here's the 'How To' on that one, The Cheapest Way To Plank A Wall.

Another thing I love about the painted cabinets, is that it's sooo easy to see when they are dirty. Like when I spill coffee on the drawers...
Painted Kitchen Cabinets - see the dirt
You're going to have to look hard again here... see the specks? It's coffee, but so easy to spot here and I can quickly just wipe it up!

I never saw dirt on the orangey wood ones and they were pretty dirty when I went to paint them....

So, that's about it. I LOVE my painted kitchen cabinets!
Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Hey, do you like my new helmet? I love the pink! :) And we got intercoms so we can talk while we ride! Yay!

I love my kitchen and I love the painted cabinets! One day I'll get to doing something with those upper extensions...
Painted Kitchen Cabinets - Love them


  1. Your cabinets look beautiful. I too painted our cabinets several years ago but they are in need of a touch up...Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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