DIY Hair Tools Organizer - Part One

You know that I hate that I haven’t had any really GOOD projects to show you lately. I feel like all I've been doing is digging in are garden beds and that is pretty boring stuff. So, I started a small one, basically out of necessity, using this scrap wood I found in the basement.
scrap shelving boards

I don’t know about you, but I use a blow dryer, curling iron, and sometimes a straightener. Now, I don’t just have one curling iron, I have 3. Hey least they are all different sizes! But they are usually piled up on the ledge next to my garden tub.

It was one of those situations… this is me talking to myself…Man, I can’t stand this mess anymore! I need to finally organize this mess! What could I make to clean this up? Let’s check Pinterest! :) Light bulb goes off! Okay! I know what I’ll make!

Normally, I would show you the mess, but I forgot to take a picture (of course)… and I’m in Illinois right now visiting my son. But that’s okay, this is going to be a 2 part post, so I’ll show you the mess later.

So, I have these hair tools scattered, just imagine that for now. I want them off the ledge, but still able to reach the outlet when they are organized. So, this is what I came up with.

I measured the length of the short board (from the picture above) and it fit perfect on the wall where I’m going to put this organizer. So, I have 2 1x6s about 25 inches long and 1 1x8 that is really long. I cut the long board down to the 25 inches. I also found some scrap 1x6 to use as the sides.

You can see here I laid the 1x8 on the table and started with the sides and bottom.  It’s kind of upside down, but keep following you’ll see…
Cut boards to size

Then I put the front of the box on.
assemble boards

Now, let’s flip it around…
Right side up

See! I just put a small amount of glue on the edges connecting and used my handy dandy nail gun to put it all together. I filled in the holes with wood filler on the front. There were coat hooks on this board before. I love reusing old things and making something new out of them!

Then I gave it a quick coat of paint…I used my DIY Chalky Style Paint. That stuff is amazing! It covered up that stained wood pretty good.
Basic Box

This is rough…definitely needs more paint. And see those two pieces of wood to the left? They are going in as inserts to separate the box into compartments.

Basic Box with inserts
Then I just nail gunned those inserts in place and we are set!

Next up, more paint and a fun trim made out of a common household item totally repurposed!! I can’t even take credit for it, it was all Hubby!!

You can see the finished project here...Hair Tools Organizer Part 2

These type of boxes are so useful! I made one for a Christmas present and I made one for to hold decor on our media console.

I am sooo enjoying spending time with our son… we are off to Chicago today!



  1. So, where are you going to store the box?:)

    1. Hi Pinky!! Well, it's going to go on the wall... I'll be showing you everything in Part 2 :)


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