Shelf, Shelves and a Pinterest Win!!

Happy First day of Spring!! Yay! Of course it snows here.... But warm days are coming!!!

I've wanted these two shelf areas done for years!  I don't know why I've waited??? I drive myself nuts sometimes. :P And this Pinterest Win? Love Love Love what I did with these hooks!

This winter has dragged on and I feel like I've been doing just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.... Ugh, Winter!  I'm so ready for some painting and spray painting.  I seriously have collected a pile of things to spray paint! Let's get this spring thing going!!

But I have been able to get a lot of things organized, which is great! So, let me show you the first shelf. It's in my master bathroom, in the "water closet". Isn't this how all of you store your TP?
Not good storage

And yes, it's been this way for the 5 years we've lived here. Well, at least it isn't the guest bath. :/
Instant shelf..... I AM IN L.O.V.E. !!!!
Tp Shelf Storage

Okay... Now for the SHELVES... Yes, plural! Here's a disclaimer on the photo... They're wonky. This is a hall closet, I can not for the life of me get a full photo of the entire closet, so I "spliced" them together. You get the idea.
Here's the before:
Hall Closet

Yeah... nice right??(NOT!) And yes, all those cleaners have been on the floor for the same 5 years. Little did I know, we HAD these shelves downstairs for a couple of years from the garage??? Ugh!!!
Shelf progress
I put them up all by myself! Hubby gave me some pointers, I did all the work! :)
Here's the After:
Finished closet
Another wonky picture... And it's definitely not completely organized, but Hey! My cleaners are in a basket and they aren't on the floor! Progress people!  It's progress!

And now for the Pinterest Win!! I picked up those hooks for $1 at Walmart (and of course I ripped right into them before I took a picture, like my tape job?).
They worked perfect!
Wrap Storage
I love love love this! I've seen this on Pinterest tons of times. I was a bit skeptical if it would actually hold the roll on the cupboard.  Well, it does! I spaced them out enough so I can change them when they are empty.

So, that's what I've been up to lately. Still organizing the basement. It's such a long work in progress. I'm into all my sewing stuff now...spools of thread, bobbins, fabric, snaps, etc... It's getting there!  I'm so ready for a fun project!!

 photo New Lori 100_zps2lw4mgnc.jpg


  1. Great cleaning up you cupboard. And YES it is progress - so much better than before. Who wouldn't get that???

    1. Thanks! Leanne! Progress is better than nothing! Thanks for the encouragement! :)


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