Stacked & Stenciled Frame

One frame completed for the gallery wall!
Only about 15 more to go....
I think I'm finally on a roll here.
To be honest it has been intimidating me.
It's not, that I don't think I can't do it, I just don't want it to mess it up.
 I want it to look AWESOME!!!
In order for the awesomeness to take place, 
I'm working on making each frame unique.
It's going to be a gallery wall that I'm going to call "Through the Years".
Starting with a wedding photo.

I LOVE the way this came out!
Easy peasy!
I spray painted two frames, which I didn't take any pictures of, sorry. 
Try to imagine two old wood frames that are dusty and an orangy oak color.
Soooo 80's!
Ha! Take a look at my wedding dress!!
Oh... we gotta do a close-up of that!
Look at that handsome man! Gosh! We look so young!

Can see my hand taking the picture? Haha!

Now, look at that poof of a veil? And those poofy sleeves!!!
Princess Diana all the way!
Not bad, considering I made my wedding dress and veil.

I think it's appropriate that I'm doing this on 
Valentine's Day, 
AND our 
25th wedding anniversary is in 14 days!
Anyway....back to the frame...
I wanted the two frames to kind of look stacked with
a mat between them.
I didn't want the mat to be plain, so I stenciled it.
Using those amazing Martha Stewart stencils again.
I've used them so much, they were definitely worth the money. :)
So, I am actually faking a mat here, because this is  just paper I had around the house.  But it has a nice linen texture to it.
Then, I got out my handy dandy glue gun and glued
 the corners of the inner frame to the paper, just to secure it.
I knew that a little glue on the corners of the paper
wasn't going to hold that frame. 
So, I put the cardboard backing on under the paper and
 put three tiny screws in. 
Going from the back into the wood frame to secure it.
There's one of them. It's not going to come off.
Then I just put another piece of cardboard in the back and
 pushed the little staple thingys down.
Wa La! Done!
Here's a few more pics of the finished product.
I like how the woodgrain came through.
Now I need to get working on the others.
The pics of the kiddos are so adorable!
I'm so glad I'm doing this!

Here is the completed photo again.
If you have any questions, please ask.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Lori <3


  1. This is great! I've never seen anyone stack frames like that. So unique.

    1. Hi Elise! Thank you! I wasnt sure how it was going to come out, but it worked!! :) I'm so glad you stopped by.

  2. The frame looks great and I can't wait to see how your gallery wall turns out!!!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Jules! Thanks! I can't wait to see how it turns out too!! I appreciate you stopping by! :)


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