Pretzel Bottom Reese's Chocolate Cookie Pie

This was insanely chocolate!
Insanely fattening and buttery!
But ohhhh so good!
If you need a chocolate fix this is it.
We were having our Bible group over on Sunday, and I was in the mood to bake something sinfully delicious!
I asked hubby look at my Pinterest board called "Sinful Pleasures". 
It is filled with all kinds of gooey, chocolatey, sugar filled treats!

Anyway.... He's looking and looking.... and drooling... (just kidding)
There are so many delicious yummies to choose from!
You can check out my boards here.
He picked the Pretzel Bottom Reese's Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie.
This is not my picture....

Mine did not come out nearly as beautiful.
But just as good if not better! :)
You can check out the recipe here.
I tweaked it a bit. 
So, I'll show you how I did it.
I crushed some pretzels I had.
Added sugar and butter.
I could have just ate the crust by it's self! 
In hindsight, I probably should have "crushed" the pretzels more.
The pressed them into a 8x8 dish.
I thought it would be easier to serve a group
instead of a pie dish.
Then I baked it for 8 minutes at 350 degrees.
While that was baking I mixed the "cookie" filling.
It's your basic chocolate chip cookie recipe.
Nothing real fancy.
Cream butter, add sugars...
I just love baking. Especially when I get to make brown sugar mountains.  
I just think they are cool looking.

I also would have loved to use my Kitchen Aid mixer, but hubby was taking a nap, so that was out of the question... :/
I needed more therapy for my shoulder.

It called for milk chocolate chips.  I don't usually have those on hand, but hubby had brought home some chocolate pretzel candy bars.
Perfect.  I just chopped those up.
Glad to use up those candy bars... 
Who needs those around the house?? Not me!
Now add more chocolate!
Is your mouth watering yet?
Stir it all in...
Yes, that spoonful is for ME!
Don't judge me!
In our house, it is the privilege of the cook to get a spoonful.

And yes, I'm eating it raw with eggs...
yada yada yada... 
We always have and probably always will.
We know the risks...

Now, I know that this is not a recommended practice and I'm not suggesting you try it.

But for us.... we LOVE it!
Ok. Ready for the oven.
Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes.
This is what mine looked like when I pulled it out.
It looks beautiful and filled up the dish nicely.
But when I cut into it.... It was mush in the middle.
Now, I wouldn't have minded too much, 
but I was serving it and not everyone likes cookie dough.
So, I baked it some more.  
I thought it was funny that the part I scooped out of the middle disappeared.
It got dark, but not burnt at all.
In fact EVERYONE loved it!
The kids couldn't get enough.
They finished it off for me!
I was VERY glad there weren't any leftovers.
I have one last pic of it, although not really a very good one.
See, it's a bit darker, but it was cooked all the way through.
The pretzel bottom was AMAZING!!

If you want the recipe just click here.

If you are wondering how the gallery wall is going.
It's getting there.  I have most of the pictures picked out.  Now it's just the process of framing them.
I was actually working on one of the frames yesterday.
It's a slow go, but I'll get there!


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