Winter Wonderland Wreath

Have you been Christmas decorating?
I'm pretty much finished.
We even got the outside lights up. Yay!
As I was putting up this wreath, I was telling myself how boring it looked. 
I definitely needed to spruce it up.

Boring and plain...
It needed some tender loving care...
I wanted to whiten it up, so I winterized it!
Much better, right?
This is how it went from boring and bland to sparkly and wintery!
I was out shopping and picked up some wintery stuff to put in the wreath. 
Plus I had a few things in the basement. 
First, I wrapped the wreath in the white tinsel garland.
That helped immediately!
But it needed MORE!!
I wanted to try a few different ways to winterize my wreath, 
to see which one I liked best.
I experimented with an old pine garland I found in the basement. 
I had some whitish glitter, iridescent glitter, and fake snow on hand.
I purchased some tacky glue, twinkle flakes, and crystal color filler.
I cut the garland into 5 different sections.

It was REALLY easy to do!  
All I did was brush on some glue and shake or sprinkle.
I didn't care for the whitish glitter or the fake snow.
I really liked the iridescent glitter, the twinkle flakes and the crystal filler. 
So, I did all three! :)
I didn't want to make a huge mess, I was already making enough of one...
I wasn't sure how to contain all of this sparkleness...
A large trash bag!  Perfect!
So, I started glueing and sprinkling, then turning the wreath in the bag.
I love how it turned out!
I added the snowflakes and winter picks.
Wa La!!
Winter Wonderland!

Here's my mantle all finished (at least for this year...)
Now to finish cleaning up...
What are you sprucing up this year?
Thanks for stopping by!

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