Easy Christmas Floral Hangers {Bouquets}

Got your Christmas Swag on??
My kids would say... really? Mom??
You're too old to be using the word "swag"...
Well, I actually have hung my Christmas swag!
I'm going to share with you my little trick to make it quick!

I've had so much fun decorating for Christmas.
I'm wondering if I'm going overboard. I mean, do you have a little Christmas in almost every room in the house? 
I think I do... Well, maybe not my bedroom and bath.... yet... :)
I just love this time of year! It's so sparkly! 
In fact, I've been working on something so shiny and sparkly. 
I can't wait to show you! Hopefully soon!
That first picture is my Christmas swag and 
I can put  the whole thing up in a jif!
Here we go!
First, I put up the fabric. 
Each year I leave the ties in each spot that needs to tied.
I know... you like my fancy pipe cleaners. :)
You won't see them, I promise.

I swag it all the way to the top.  See, I have ties of the same fabric that get tied over the pipe cleaners.

A couple of years ago, I made these 
Christmas Floral Hangers.
For lack of a better word... I wanted to call them bunches, or maybe I should have called them bouquets.... Oh well, hangers it is.
I made a bunch of them, 6 in all.
There were really easy to make.
I just picked up some Christmas picks and some long berries and greenery.
Then I put them together and wound some floral wire around them to keep them together.
Made a monster bow and tied that on to the whole thing. I really love the wired ribbon, it keeps year after year!
Then all I did was bend the end of the branches down, so I can "hang" it.
This next part is the SUPER easy part.
 I just slip it through the ties on my swag.
See...I told you....easy! 
So, every year, I just have to "hang" them up. 
Until I get tired of them and want to do something else... :)
It just needs a little something more.
There, Ta Da!
 I hung a little green right over the top of the "bouquets". 
That really is a better description!
You could hang these anywhere.
I had an extra one and I hung it on a lamp shade.
You could hang them on a door knob.
Oh the possibilities...
Happy Decorating!

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