Count Your Blessings {Wood Art}

I finished up a little project I was working on for fall. DIY Count Your Blessings Wood Sign
But before I get started... I just have to let you know how pretty it is out here on the east coast! Hubs and I went to visit our son at college last weekend and the fall was in full bloom up there.
Gorgeous Fall Day
Here at home the leaves are just beginning to turn. 

This happens to be one of my favorite times of year! 
Not to mention that my birthday is during this season. :)

Anyway...Here is pic of my fall mantel.
Fall Mantel
I just felt it was missing something. So, here we go...

I cut some wood.
Cutting Wood
Hubs always has some sort of wood hanging around. This might be an old piece of chestnut? I don't know, and don't really care... It just looked weathered and worn and that's what I was going for. (Just had to get the toes in the pic. Nice.)

This is where I was thinking it would go.

Sign placement on mantel
Yep! I like it! Now for the real tedious work...

I wanted something that works with fall and thanksgiving.
Tracing words on to wood
I love this. We all have so much to be thankful for. I definitely need to count my blessings more. It's really easy, just trace really hard to leave the imprint on the wood.

Of course, it's easier when the wood is soft, like this piece.

I've done this technique before, in the Easter sign 
I made, He is Risen Sign.

Then, I just used my tiny paint brush and painted away. I probably should have taken more pics, but I forgot. Sorry. I decided to use a gradient effect on the word blessing.
DIY Count Your Blessings Wood Sign
I am really pleased on how it came out!!

I felt it just needed a little something more, so i added a leaf in the corner.
DIY Count Your Blessings Wood Sign
Now that makes me smile.  :)

It really is so easy to make these signs. It just takes a steady hand and patience. Not that I really have either... I  just take breaks. That seems to work!

Remember to Count Your Blessings!
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