3-2-1 Cuppy Cake {The EASIEST Cake Ever!}

I pray this appeals to sugaraholics everywhere.
I must admit, I am one.  It's definitely one of my weakness, chocolate, cookies, cake, candy.... you name it! The other problem, is I really like to bake.  Are you seeing my dilemma? So, being an empty nester you don't have the kiddos around to eat all of your baking masterpieces....
My newest solution....
3-2-1 Cuppy Cake!

I found it on Pinterest... another one of my weaknesses...
This is one of the EASIEST treats I've ever found!
And another plus.... no oil, no eggs. 
So, being low-fat and low-cal is a sure winner!! 
Oh, and super duper easy!
Let me walk you through this.
Pick a cake mix, any cake mix.  
I think this would be really good with a funfetti, or maybe a lemon one!
I went with the standard chocolate for now.
Then you will need an angel food cake mix.
Ok, you are done!
Seriously, that's it.  
There's only one more thing you will need to add.... water.
I told you... EASY!!
Dump these two cake mixes into a container. Like so..
Then the "real" hard part...
Put the lid on and shake it up!
Okay, since you did the hard part.  
I'll quickly run you through the 3-2-1 Cuppy Cake!
The "3"...
3 Tablespoons of Cuppy Cake Mix!
Dump in a coffee cup.
Now, I'm sure you will be able to handle the rest!

Oh, here's a little tip, that saves me time and frustration. Go to a dollar store and buy a couple of the measuring spoon sets.  I love to be able to leave the right size measuring spoon or cup in certain ingredients.  I have a 1/4 cup in my granola, a tablespoon in my cuppy cake mix, a tablespoon in my cream of wheat mix, and so on... It's just easier. :)

Back to Cuppy Cake...
The "2"...
Add 2 Tablespoons of water to the coffee cup, and stir!
At this point you can add "other" ingredients.  I've added chocolate chips, which are awesome!! I'm thinking of adding a pumpkin spice Hershey kiss. I wonder what would happen if I added a bit of peanut butter? Hmmm... YUM!! 
I know I'm defeating the low-cal and low-fat... ugh....
One last step.
The "1"...
Cook for 1 minute in the microwave! Done!!
I don't really know why I did this in our Liberty University Flames mug... 
Oh well, little plug... GREAT School!!
Do you see that puff of cake? I was actually quite shocked it worked. 
It's really fluffy!
As you can see! 
I love to add milk to mine and enjoy!
This would be perfect for college students, after school snack, late night snack, any time snack!
Seriously.... I'm thinking of Christmas presents.
Enjoy your 3-2-1 Cuppy Cake.

If you like it PIN it!
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