Falling In Love With Fall

I don't know about all of you, but I absolutely LOVE this time of year! Out here in PA it's starting to get a little chillier.
The sun goes down earlier and all the mums are blooming.
See mine here...
Do you remember what that looked like before???
Look how tiny that mum was in the spring!
Well, I've been busy around here at the Stonybrook House. I love to put up fall decor, burn some candles and put the fireplace on...Hmmm <3
So, I thought I'd give you a little peek into our home
 and show you my fall decor.

Let's start at the dining room table.
I can't seem to have enough of these pumpkins that say "give thanks". 
They are little reminders to count your blessings.
I added these two little guys, they are adorable!!

I got them at the Dollar Tree, they started out looking like this.... 
kinda weird looking...
Much better, right?
But, hey, for a dollar!  Score! Bargin!

Here's my fall mantel.
I've got plans to add one more thing, but I have to make it first...
I just love the pumpkins and gourd.
Under the TV I have this little vignette.
I don't know what it is, but there is something I love about that brown velvet ribbon <3.

I have this little thing on the side table in the family room.  I just love it!
I even have a little something in my kitchen window and powder room.

Yes, the powder room is VERY plain. It will get done eventually.  It's definitely on the list. :)
This is in my entry way.  I'm not in love with it, but it will do for now...

Now, I'm going to take you for a quick peek outside.
Did I tell you about a wicked storm we had that shredded my gazebo?
Crazy huh? My grill traveled from the other side of the picture to under the gazebo and then continued to push my table to the wall.  Well, the gazebo withstood, we just had to get a new topper.  All they had was this brickish red.  I wasn't too sure, but I really like it now!
Yellow mums are a favorite, too!
Here's a back view.
Some of the plants are ready to be trimmed.
The mums up front are doing well!
This garden is taking shape.  You can still see where we added grass, but it will fill in eventually.  Look at the beautiful red mums!
I would say fall is here! 
I think its time for a cup of gingerbread coffee.
Do you decorate your home for fall?

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