A Crazy Idea For a Formal Living Room

Now that I'm done with the office... Yay!
It's time to get started on something new.
   Hubby and I have been toying around with a few ideas. 
So.... hubby proposed getting a pool table.  I'll admit I was like,"What in the world are you thinking?" A pool table? Really? 
But...give me a little time, and I'll come around.
I started warming up to the idea.  
Hubby was thinking of the basement at first. 
But, we have a formal(aka never used) living room.
To me it seems like such a waste of space to have a room that just sits. 
What do you all think?
Hubby believes that there will be enough room.
Right now it is a VERY boring room.  
Except for those awesome leopard print chairs!
Don't you just love the little presents my niece left me? :D
Here's a little of what I'm envisioning... Dream with me a bit.  You walk in and see gorgeous board and batten along the wall, with a small little ledge for drinks and snacks. Plus a few stools.
 The couch and coffee table are out. Now, picture in it's place, a nice beautiful pool table. More board and batten along that wall...
Some cool artwork, of course the walls will be painted.  Maybe some sconces.
We haven't decided on a color for the walls.  Maybe a taupe (ish) color.  Maybe a green tinge or a blueish color. I'm really excited to get started. 
Of course, you know, I'll probably get distracted and and find something that needs to be done here and there. 
That's what makes it interesting!!
Are we crazy?? or What??


  1. Replies
    1. You would!! :D I think it will be pretty cool! Thanks for reading!

  2. I like the idea Lori. Hope you can work those chairs in too. You know for us older ladies to sit and watch the disco ball! Seriously like it. If you put in the basement, it won't get used as much. Convenience, first floor is best. Still thinking about the color. Nana

    1. Oh, Nana, those chairs aren't going anywhere!! I'm liking the disco ball idea! Colors, colors.... I may enlist your help! :D


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