DIY Easter He is Risen Sign

It's been 1 week that I have been "unemployed"....
You can read all about that here.
Can I say that I am LOVING it??
Most of the week I feel like I've been playing catch up.
You know cleaning, changing sheets, vacuuming my bedroom, 
I am embarrassed to say how long it's been....
Hopefully, I'm going to be able to stay on TOP of things now.  
It's definitely not fun feeling buried by all the "stuff" that needs 
to get done around the home. 
It has always help if I make lists to keep me organized and on track.

I don't think you understand the enormous amount of satisfaction I get out of crossing something off my LIST.  Yes, I am a lister... I have lists, post its, scraps of paper.....  Then I need to compile all of that into a MASTER LIST, then I break it all down in to smaller more manageable lists...  
Then, I can cross those off the Master List.....Can't you see the my heart soar?
And when I get something done that wasn't on the list, well, 
you already know I WILL write it down and then get the 
wonderful feeling of crossing it off....Swoon....
Needless to say.... LOTS of crossing off is going on!

And I've had more time to think and ponder on projects.
 (that get to be put on the list!)
I bought some of these beauties 

and they got put on the list too!  
Just keep reading you'll see... 

Ok, I'm going "list" overboard....
I actually did do a little project as you can see by the teaser above, 
but I got sidetracked with... 
well, you know...Anyway...  
Move on, LORI!!


I want to say a HUGE  THANK YOU to Megan from
She awarded my blog the Liebster Blog Award!
 When she was awarded this, she was asked to pass the award on to 5 amazing up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.
And she picked one of them as me!
So, now I have my homework to do and I get to pick 5 AMAZING, up and coming bloggers! Yay!

Now on to what I did yesterday....
I've been thinking about Easter. 
(I'm so excited for my college kiddos to be home for the weekend.) 
Anyway, pondering and looking at my dining room table.  
The centerpiece looked like this.
I had this same arrangement last year.
Definitely time to change it up. 
Plus they are just fakies....

I was inspired by Beth from Home Stories A to Z
She had this post on Decorating with Tulips 
 Can you say GORGEOUS??
Needless to say, my table needs tulips!
So, as you saw earlier, I went to Wally World and bought a bunch of potted tulips and of course a hyacinth because they smell so amazing!!

Then I was linking up to some parties this week and came across
 an adorable sign by Lisa from Lewsville Love
 She did a great tutorial and you can go here to see it.
I really loved it, but I didn't want it so big 
and I wanted to do it in a color, 
so this is what I did....

Found a scrap piece of wood near hubby's workbench. 
Sanded it a bit, then primed it.

Then I painted the whole thing with this

I absolutely LOVE this paint it is the best stuff I have EVER painted with.  
The coverage is out of this world!
I only need to do 2 light coats. 
I can only find it at Home Depot

Then I did what Lisa did and used painter's tape for the cross, 
which worked perfectly!!

Spray the whole thing down with my fav.... 
Heirloom White. 2 coats and it's done.

Peel off the tape...BEFORE it dries.  
I waited about 5-7 minutes. 
Then off to the computer to print out the 
"He is Risen"
I used Zafino font.  Loving it!
I did the same technique that I used to my orange Damask project.  
Lisa did the same thing.  Just trace over the letters
 and leave a groove in the wood.  
It works like a charm! See!

Found the tiniest brush around this place and 
started painting it in.  
(Ugh... Horrid nails, don't look...Ugh! you did, I know it!)

After all of that is done, I took my sanding block and sanded the edges and corners to allow the green to come through a bit.  You know, vintage it up....

Boy this is a long post... Hope I'm not boring you!
Next I painted the black tray 
that the flower vases set in. It was black, 
I'm not really doing black any more. 

I bought potted tulips because I want to cut the flowers to use in my display 
but I'm going to plant the bulbs.
I don't have any tulips planted, so now I will!

Ok, I'm going to wrap this up!
Look how pretty!!
Now I'm ready for Easter!

Blessings to all of you at this wonderful time of year, when we can thank God the Father for sending His one and only son to be the redeemer for all of mankind!
Have a wonderful Easter!

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