DIY Easter He is Risen Sign

DIY Easter He is Risen Sign

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This little Easter sign was so quick and easy to make.

I found a piece of scrap 1x3 wood in the garage. I quickly sanded it with a sanding block. Then primed it with Rustoleum White Primer. I really wanted it a bit rough looking.

1x3 scrap wood

Then I spray painted the whole piece with my favorite spray paint. Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2x in Eden. You could use any color you like. 

Rustoleum Spray Paint Eden

I love this paint! The coverage is amazing!

Next, I placed painters tape in the corner creating a cross.

Tape creating a cross in the corner

Then I sprayed the board with Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X in Heirloom White. Two quick coats and you're done!

Spray paint board white

The key here is to peel off the tape BEFORE it dries! I waited about 5-7 minutes.

Peel cross tape off

Super easy!

While the paint was drying, I printed off "He Is Risen!" from my computer. I used the Zafino font. There are soooo many fonts to choose from.

Printed words taped to wood

I've done this same technique on soooo many projects! Just trace over the letters and it leaves a groove in the wood. It really works well!

letter grooves in wood

I purposely darkened the photo so that you could see the grooves in the wood. 

You need the tiniest brush for this next part. I used craft paint to paint in the grooves. 

Or you can use a paint pen, (which I discovered later and are amazing!!)

Painting letters on wood

Once finished, I took a sanding block and sanded the edges and corners to allow some of the green to come through.

I love it propped up on the table against the beautiful tulips.

He Is Risen Sign in front of tulips

So pretty! Such a nice touch for Easter.

Thank you Father God for sending Your Son to be the redeemer for all mankind!

Blessings to all of you at this wonderful time of the year. 

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