An Executive Decision

I've made an executive decision...
Sorry to say that the work on the office is 
being put on hold for a couple of weeks.
Let me tell you why....

A couple of days ago I was mowing...
I really enjoy jumping on my John Deere and tooling around the yard.
Until I started to really look around....
Umm, I am embarrassed to say!  My yard looks awful!
My poor neighbors walk by my house and have to look at this....
And this isn't even the worst of it! 
Well, you can see a bit, look at the tree ring! 
I feel the shame!!! I'm not doing my tree justice!
Why have I neglected this for so long?
Probably why I've neglected the house for so long...
Apts., Job, Kiddos, blah, blah, blah....

Do you see this?
Kinda pathetic, hubby and I didn't even finish mulching it last year....

Last year, we planted this beautiful Red Maple, plus few others.
Hubby rented a backhoe and all went pretty well.
Until.... while digging the hole for this maple,
he uncovered a 4ftx4ft chunk of asphalt.
Why do builders do that? 
I truly wish I had a picture of that!

So, ever since digging that up we now have a rock garden in the middle of my front yard. Nice, huh!
Also, in the front yard there is a sink hole or maybe it's more like a sink line?  
It's for one of the pipes that goes to the street.  
That needs to be filled so, I don't bump around on the mower. 
I can almost get some air there....

Then how about this.... 
Don't you feel welcome?
Especially with the nice WEED next to it...
Well, that's all changing!
Now, that I've unveiled all of my ugly front yard embarrassments, 
I must do something!!
Mulch is being delivered TODAY!  
A whole truck load!
Plus I bought some of these beauties!
  One of the problems with the front of the house, 
is it literally doesn't get any sun!
So, shade lovers it is!
These will go under the windows.
I know it's not much but its a start!!

The garden around the street light is going to change.
The mulch all ran into the street last year, so
I am working on a solution there.

The garden in the center of the two properties was in an effort to camouflage the beautiful electric box and cable boxes.  It all looks much better by summer.
  Except for the weeds that are in over abundance. And of course all of the mulch ran into the street! Fixing that too!!
 Mail boxes need some love!
So, the front yard, is the priority right now.
I just can't stand being an embarrassment to the neighborhood!

Believe me the back yard needs some work too, don't look to hard, I need mulch back there too!
Yet, here are a few pretty pics!

Enjoying the Spring!!


  1. I so enjoyed your story and pics,looking forward to seeing the finished product.
    Aunt Grace

  2. Can't wait to see your yard after your hardwork. We sometimes feel the same way about our yard...but it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with. Megan

    1. Hi Megan!
      Yard work can be daunting! But I actually LOVE getting my hands dirty! I enjoy gardening and even weeding!


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